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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Announces Stars for Season Finale of Celebrity Edition

by Will Shepard
(Christopher Willard via Getty Images

The celebrity edition of Wheel of Fortune is coming to a close on Thursday, March 4. But, the show is ready to give fans perhaps the best episode yet.

There are some stellar contestants suiting up to be on this coming episode of the game show. On Tuesday, March 2, Wheel of Fortune announced via Twitter who will be the final celebrity guests.

One of the candidates is Kevin Nealon. He is arguably one of the most entertaining comedians there is. He is certainly going to be one to watch during this Wheel of Fortune episode.

Another of the celebrity guests is Rachael Leigh Cook, who is a certified movie star. She is also a model and will be a delight to watch shine on the season finale.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Sherrie Shepherd is joining the show for the final episode of celebrity Wheel of Fortune. She will definitely be exciting to watch as she branches out from her talk show.

“Wheel of Fortune” Celebrity Edition Comes to a Close on Thursday

All three of the celebrities are going to make the final episode of the celebrity edition wonderful. Each is going to bring their own, unique flair to the game show. Whether or not they win is beside the point. They are there to entertain the fans and viewers of the show.

The celebrity edition of Wheel of Fortune has been wonderful so far. There have been some incredible performances this season. Additionally, those performances have come at the hands of equally impressive celebrities.

In early January, Tony Hawk found his stride. Not only did he add a comedic side to his appearance, but he crushed it on Wheel of Fortune. During one of his turns, he got on a roll. He chose food and drink as his category and didn’t look back once. Even though the phrase he was given was only thirteen letters long, he made short work of it.

In just over a minute, he solved the phrase. At first, he was a little unsure of what letters to choose but found some great luck. Initially, he got seven of the letters from guessing consonants and vowels. But, he was still left with six letters to solve the phrase. No matter though, once Pat Sajak said that he had ten seconds, Tony Hawk immediately got the phrase, “fried calamari.”

So, here is to hoping that more entertaining moments are ahead on this week’s celebrity edition of Wheel of Fortune.