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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Asks Fans to Vote on Vanna White’s Looks From the Past Week

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

The “Wheel of Fortune” Instagram account recently posted a set of photos of Vanna white’s looks over the past week, and fans chimed in.

The first photo portrays Vanna White in a playful orange floral print. The second photo in the set has Vannah White in an intricately patterned navy number. Image number three shows White rocking, a killer floral number perfect for spring. Look number 4 is the most youthful of the bunch and is a cute over-the-knee navy dress. Finally, the 5th look is a very modern black and white dress.

Many fans did have favorites. Based on the comments, dresses number 2, 4, and 5 seem to be the most popular. But, no matter what Vanna White wears, she seems to wear it well. Some comments echoed this sentiment. “Every outfit,” one Instagram user said, “VANNA Rules !!!!!”

When it comes to her wardrobe, Vanna White doesn’t get to keep the dresses. They have to go back to the designer who made them. It sounds unfair until you realize that White has filmed over 7,000 episodes with “Wheel of Fortune.” That’s a LOT of dresses. In her near 40 years on the show, Vanna has rarely worn the same dress twice. In fact, it only happened once in September 2020.

Vanna White’s Career

The lovely and stylish Vannah White has been in the spotlight for decades. Her “Wheel of Fortune” career began in 1982 after hostess Susan Stafford left the show. White started on “Wheel of Fortune” as one of three substitute hosts. She was soon selected as a permanent co-host and quickly rose to stardom.

Now, Vanna White is signed on “Wheel of Fortune” until 2022, making it at least 40 years on the show. In 2019, Vanna stepped in as MC after Pat Sajak was hospitalized due to a blocked intestine. Recently, Sajak and White hosted “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.” She spent part of her time as host co-hosting with Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie, who now works on the show.

You’d think a television personality who is put in designer dresses daily may get a bit of an ego, but Vanna White tries to rise above all of that. She doesn’t like seeing herself as a celebrity or like she’s above anyone else. “Fans see me as one of them,” She told the Chicago Tribune in 1992, “and I am. We’re all created equal. That’s the way I feel.”