‘Wheel of Fortune’: Before Beating Bob Barker’s Long-Running Record, Pat Sajak Said He Had ‘No Interest’ in It

by Will Shepard

Pat Sajak has been hosting Wheel of Fortune for 38 years running now. But, the road to becoming the longest-running game show host ever was not easy.

There were a lot of ups and downs along the way. Sajak was a relatively unknown name before becoming the show’s host. When he decided to take the job as Wheel of Fortune host, he was just trying to make the show work.

At that point in his life, he had exhausted several options, including as a radio DJ. So, there was certainly no part of Sajak that thought he would be in for a record-setting job. Nonetheless, 20 years after he started the job, he sat down with the Observer in 2003 to chat about his career.

Pat Sajak Was Not Concentrating On Breaking Bob Barker’s Record-Setting Longevity with “Wheel of Fortune”

One of the questions that the Wheel of Fortune was asked in the 2003 interview was about his longevity. Near the start of the year, Sajak signed a four-year contract to remain the host of Wheel of Fortune. So, the question about how long he wanted to be the host was only natural. Of course, the conversation drifted towards Bob Barker – the legendary host of The Price is Right.

“I’m not really interested in breaking Bob Barker’s longevity record,” Sajak responded. “God loves him and more power to him, but at some point, I’m going to want to sit on the front porch and whittle.”

Even with 20 years of hosting under his belt, Sajak had no intention to strive for the record. That was completely understandable. At that point, the record was still 15 years away, nearly the same amount he had already hosted for.

But Sajak just never seemed to retire. To this day, he will still make offhanded remarks about how he is going to retire soon. However, that day has yet to come. The Wheel of Fortune host is now 74 years old and still going strong. Maybe he will continue to host the show for another 38 years, well into his 100s. We can only hope.

Nonetheless, it has been a pleasure for fans of the game show to watch Sajak be the Wheel of Fortune host. It will certainly be a weird day to see someone else stand in his place.