‘Wheel of Fortune’: Behind-the-Scenes Pics Show Incredible Reaction When Contestant Won Massive Cash Prize

by Quentin Blount

The popular game show Wheel of Fortune posted some genuine pictures showing the moments after contestant Scott Kolbrenner won the grand prize of $100,000.

It was without a doubt a special moment for Kolbrenner. As a lifelong fan of Wheel of Fortune, there’s no question that participating on the show was a moment he’ll never forget. But to make matters even better, he was incredibly able to win the grand prize of $100,000 after getting right the bonus puzzle.

Kolbrenner had already racked up close to $45,000 prior to winning the grand prize. That brought his total to a smooth $145,000 as he walked away the winner of the show’s latest episode. The game show caught the moments as he won the big money.

And as you can imagine, the photos are pretty sweet. The Wheel of Fortune official Twitter account posted them to their page on Friday afternoon. Have a look below:

“Scott won $100,000! Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos!” Wheel of Fortune wrote on Twitter.

The pictures show an elated, and rightfully so, Kolbrenner. The native of Hewlett, New York came a long way from when he applied on wheeloffortune.com to get on the show.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Winner Donates Money to Charity

Perhaps what made the moment even more special for Scott Kolbrenner was that he knew all along that he would be donating his winnings to charity. Little did he know, however, that he would be donating nearly $150,000 to a good cause.

“It’s been a dark time. When I went on the show, I was doing it for the fun of it,” Kolbrenner told Michael Strahan Friday on Good Morning America. “I said to my wife as I went on, ‘If I do OK here, anything that I get, let’s give it to charity. We’re very fortunate. Let’s see if we can support some others who aren’t as fortunate as we are.'”

All $145,000 of the Wheel of Fortune contestant’s winnings are being donated to two charities. Those are the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and Uplift Family Services at Hollygrove, the latter of which Kolbrenner serves as a board member.

“We are so honored and grateful that Scott chose to play for us while advocating for our agency’s Los Angeles-based Hollygrove programs!” Uplift Family Services tweeted after hearing the news.

L.A. Regional Food Bank was also ecstatic by Kolbrenner’s generous donation, tweeting, “It takes everyone to fight food insecurity. Thank you Scott for your thoughtful donation! Together, #WeFeedLA.”

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