‘Wheel of Fortune’ Announces Cancun Vacation Giveaway: How to Win and What to Know

by Will Shepard

Anybody else feeling like they need a getaway to a nice warm vacation spot soon? Well, Wheel of Fortune is here to help you make that come to fruition.

The iconic game show recently announced that they will be doing a massive giveaway. And for those thinking that it is only for participants on the show, have no fear. Anyone who wants to can enter the giveaway. More importantly, it is really simple to enter into the giveaway.

The vacation, according to Wheel of Fortune, is for ten people on “Margaritaville Island Reserve Riviera Cancun Resort.” During your stay at the resort, there is no shortage of activities to do. You can spend the week relaxing or schedule any number of fun things to do.

How to Enter and Check to See if You’ve Won the “Wheel of Fortune” Giveaway

So, how can you enter this incredible giveaway to the Margaritaville Island Resort? And, just as importantly, how can you check to see if you won the vacation?

Winners of the resort stay will be announced from May 17-21. All you have to do is tune into the show over those days. Today is May 20, so there is only one day left to join the giveaway. But, there is still time to do so.

The first step on how to enter is to “Watch Wheel of Fortune May 17-21, and write down the nightly Bonus Round Puzzle Solution.”

Additionally, a second and third step is required to enter. But they are easy too. Step two: “Log in or sign up for the Wheel Watchers Club here, then enter the Bonus Round Puzzle Solution on this page after each show airs. If you enter all five nights, we’ll double your entries.”

Finally, the last requirement on entering yourself for a trip to the Margaritaville Island Resort is to check back in. As Wheel of Fortune says, “For more chances to win, come back and enter each night of the giveaway between 3:00 p.m. PT and 2:59 p.m. PT the next day.”

Is Pat Sajak Responsible For the Jimmy Buffet Song “Margaritaville”?

In a recent video that Wheel of Fortune posted to its Twitter account, Sajak took credit for an iconic song. It may or may not have been a joke, but that’s up to you to decipher.

“You might be wondering what this giant flip-flop is doing on our set,” Sajak said. “It’s actually a small version of the 13-foot versions that are featured in the lobbies of many of the Margaritaville Hotels and Resorts in the U.S. and Caribbean.”

The two hosts were promoting the Wheel of Fortune vacation giveaway during the video. Vanna White added her own piece about the flip-flops. “And every guest gets their own brand new regular-sized pair of flip-flops when they check-in at Margaritaville Island Reserve Resorts.”

Pat Sajak then said, “It’s hard to believe that when I gave Jimmy [Buffet] the idea for that song back in 1977, it would all lead to this, hey.”

But, the Wheel of Fortune host had more to say about the iconic song. “He never even sent me a note.”