‘Wheel of Fortune’ Celebrates Christmas in July with Out-of-Season Items in Triple Toss-Up Puzzles

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Shawn Ehlers/WireImage)

Right now, Wheel of Fortune has the holiday bug! Ever since the show’s Christmas in July Giveaway began, the show has posted nothing but wintry messages to its fans. Since all of the Wheel watchers made the “nice” list last year, host Pat Sajak and his crew are giving fans a second chance to win the same prices, cash and vacations that they offer during Christmas time. From red and green decorations to cold-weather-themed puzzles, the show and its team are certainly enjoying the second holiday season. The team has also pulled plenty of holiday episodes from the archives for followers to enjoy during the giveaway.

Starting Monday, Wheel of Fortune began announcing its sweepstakes winners. Selected fans get to take home the same prizes and cash totals that real-life contestants won on the show. The show will continue its giveaway until July 23.

In another wintry post, Wheel of Fortune posted a clip of a past episode during the Triple Toss-Up round. In the caption, the show gave viewers the hint that the puzzles involved something “too warm to wear” right now. Although the real focus will always be the contestants, we can’t help but admire how well the show decorates the set. From small details like embroidered stockings and garland to huge displays like snow-dusted Christmas trees, the game show never disappoints with its festive spirit.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Freezes Her Competition With Triple Win

While the decorations and props are definitely cool, what really sent chills down our spines was how one Wheel of Fortune contestant managed to win all three puzzles in the round. Host Pat Sajak announced the category of the Triple Toss Up, “What are you wearing?”

As with all Triple Toss-Up rounds, contestants have the chance to win $2,000 for each of the three puzzles by guessing the answer before anyone else.

As letter-turner Vanna White starts the puzzle, contestant Tasha steals the answer after only four letters appear.

“Pullover sweater,” the Wheel of Fortune contestant said confidently.

The next puzzle took her a bit longer, and Tasha answered with only five letters remaining.

“Thick wool socks,” she said for another $2,000. At that point, it was clear that the theme of the puzzles was what you might wear while walking in a winter wonderland.

Lastly, it took only four letters for one of Tasha’s opponents to hit the buzzer, but unfortunately, he froze.

The leading Wheel of Fortune contestant then answered immediately after, “Thermal underwear.”

With all three puzzles won, Tasha added $6,000 to her bank. Her total at that point racked up to a very impressive $20,500.

Never missing an opportunity for a pun, Sajak joked, “We’ve got ourselves covered there, nicely.”