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‘Wheel of Fortune’ College Contestant Shocked by Amazing Prize, Massive Payout

by Chris Haney
(Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

On last night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, a college student raked in huge winnings along with a final prize of a Mini Cooper car.

A student from the University of Southern California named Jack had himself a night on Wheel of Fortune on Friday. He won a whopping $49,650 along with a brand new car, and couldn’t contain his excitement.

Jack earned his way into the bonus round of the popular game show. With only five letters revealed out of 18 in the Food & Drink final puzzle, he had his work cut out for him. The contestant selected “C, F, H, and A” to be added to the board. As Vanna White revealed the extra letters, Jack now had 10 out of 18 letters revealed.

The USC student immediately got excited even before host Pat Sajak started the timer. Without hesitating, Jack answered “Creamy Artichoke Dip” and went into celebration mode. But things got even better for Jack when Sajak opened his bonus prize winnings card. The young man had won a brand new Mini Cooper. Jack hilariously darted towards the car and jumped inside as Sajak congratulated the big winner.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins Lackluster Trip

Unlike Jack on Friday night, a contestant earlier this week won a rather anticlimactic big prize. On Monday night’s Wheel of Fortune episode, viewers at home, and the contestant himself, were left unimpressed after winning a trip to a not-so-special location.

While Wheel of Fortune frequently gives away trips to exotic locations as prizes, one contestant wasn’t so lucky. Dan from Redondo Beach, California successfully solved the first-round puzzle. Additionally, he won a surprise trip…to Connecticut.

After Dan won the round, his card revealed that the trip was for a vacation to Connecticut’s Madison Beach Hotel. Rooms at the hotel go for an average of $400 per night. The hotel includes amenities like a spa, fine dining options, and beach access adjacent to the property. The trip is supposedly worth $7,000, but Dan’s face couldn’t hide the mundane reveal of the Connecticut getaway.

Although the trip seems fairly underwhelming, Dan did well for himself on Wheel of Fortune. He also solved the final puzzle, which earned him an additional $38,000 on top of his $17,250 already earned. A total of $55,250 isn’t bad for an evening’s work on a game show.