‘Wheel of Fortune’: College Student Hits the ‘Bonus Round Goals’ When Solving This Puzzle

by Will Shepard

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love to win money? Yesterday, Friday, April 9, a Wheel of Fortune contestant got a massive win.

During the “Bonus Round,” Chloe, from Cal Poly, got the thrill of her lifetime. The college contestant was already doing quite well on the show before the Bonus Round. But, during the Bonus Round, she was about to blow her total money won out of the water.

Wheel of Fortune’s Twitter account posted this highlight of her “Bonus Round.” As they put it, it is certainly a dream scenario of the Cal Poly student.

Cal Poly Student Takes Home a Lot of Money On ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Pat Sajak begins the Bonus Round by asking one of the other contestants what letters he wants. The contestant quickly says, “R S T L N E,” Sajak then says, “Start with those letters, hope we hear a lot of dinging.” Five dings later, the opening board is set.

This is when Chloe takes over. She takes her time while asking for “H G F and O.” The board begins dinging and doesn’t seem to stop at all. Pat Sajak laughs as he watches the letters she chose almost solve the phrase outright. When the dinging finally does stop, there are only three blank spaces left.

The Wheel of Fortune host tells Chloe that she “better get it now.” Even though she is given ten seconds to solve the puzzle, she only needs one. The Cal Poly student proudly asserts that the phrase is “Some Food For Thought.”

Sajak is ecstatic, “That’s it, you got it! You got it!” Chloe is understandably excited as well, shouting, “Yay!” But, Sajak still has to open the envelope with the winning prize in it. He says, “and you got 38,000-bucks!”

That is exactly how you dream up the “Bonus Round” scenario in your dreams. When Sajak combines that money with her previous winnings, she is taking home a total of $60,540. Not bad for a day’s work on Wheel of Fortune. That will certainly come in handy for her college needs.