‘Wheel of Fortune’: ‘College Week’ Contestant Handles Epic Gaffe With Positive Attitude

by Will Shepard

During Wheel of Fortune’s “College Week” last week, April 8, one contestant took a bunch of online criticisms after whiffing on solving an almost entirely solved puzzle. College week on the popular game show invites several university students to come on to try their hand at the Wheel.

With massive prize money up for grabs, the college competitors are likely looking to pay their way through school with a hefty sum. During Thursday’s episode, a USC student, Nico Fife, seemed to be close to winning a lot of money on Wheel of Fortune. However, he was about as close as possible to solving a puzzle, and then, all of a sudden, he wasn’t close.

Fife had already guess two of the letters correctly. Consequently, there were only two blank spaces left in the phrase. So, he guessed that the remaining letter was “F.” But, he was wrong. The correct letter was “P,” and it would have lead to filling out “leaving my laptop at home” correctly.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Viewers Roasted Him for the Mistake, But He Handled It Well

Immediately, he recognized the mistake he had just made. These things happen on Wheel of Fortune. To his credit, he handled the mishap as gracefully as anyone possibly could.

Naturally, fans of the game show immediately took to social media to question what was going on inside his head. The theatre major quickly became the brunt of a lot of jokes from Wheel of Fortune fans.

People got extremely creative with their teasing. But, Fife took it all in stride. In fact, one person took to Twitter to write that, “Something tells me Nico will see a lot of Fs in his college career.”

To show that he took was able to take the blunder in stride, Nico retweeted video below from the episode.

Even though the USC junior missed out on the prize for that puzzle, he still went home with a good amount of money. He took home $9,450 as a prize for his efforts. Finishing in second place on Wheel of Fortune has its perks.

Nico might’ve gone viral for reasons he didn’t intend. However, he undoubtedly had an awesome time on the show. And is likely looking forward to putting that cash prize to good use.