‘Wheel of Fortune’: ‘College Week’ Contestant Hilariously Gets a ‘Little Nervous’ Talking With Pat Sajak

by Keeli Parkey

Appearing on a wildly popular game show has to be a nerve-wracking experience for most contestants. This was the case for a student who recently competed on an episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

This nervous contestant’s name is Christian. He is a student at the University of Texas-Dallas. And, during an exchange with host Pat Sajak, his nerves got the best of him. In fact, Christian was so nervous that he forgot what his major is!

“What are you studying and how’s it all going?” Sajak asks Christian.

Because of his nerves, Christian stutters as he answers Sajak’s question.

“I’m doing an interprete – uh, what? An interdisciplinary degree, which is a little bit of everything,” the obviously-anxious student says. “It’s like, uh, and then. Yeah, so it’s a little bit of everything. Drawing a blank.”

Fortunately for the young man, the “Wheel of Fortune” host had details about Christian’s major on the card in his hand. And, Pat Sajak was able to help him relax by making a joke. Turns out, Christian is majoring in a very interesting field.

“Wait, are you really in school, Christian?” Sajak jokingly asks. This seems to begin to ease the student’s nerves.

“No, no. Honestly? Maybe I’m not,” Christian jokingly responds.

So, what is Christian’s major? It is behavioral and brain science, according to Sajak.

“Yes, and I can’t even think,” the student then says. This draws a laugh from the “Wheel of Fortune” host and studio audience.

You can watch Pat Sajak’s humorous exchange with Christian during “College Week” on “Wheel of Fortune” below. It will make you laugh, too.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Sympathize With Nervous College Student

Video of the humorous exchange between Pat Sajak and Christian was shared on the “Wheel of Fortune” Instagram account. And, according to comments fans of the show shared to the video, they definitely sympathize with Christian and his nerves.

“I would have FROZE! He played that off so well,” one fan shared.

“Bless his heart. I could tell that he was so nervous. I’m not sure I could have done any better in his place. And it turned out ok for him. (It was only slightly uncomfortable watching it.),” another posted.

Other fans praised the University of Texas-Dallas student’s appearance on the show.

“He was so funny and so smart!!!” one fan praised.

“Aw I love Christian,” another said.

Even though his nerves got the best of him at first, Christian went on to have a successful appearance on “Wheel of Fortune.” According to another video the show shared via Instagram, he won a trip to Mexico! You can watch that video below: