‘Wheel of Fortune’: ‘College Week’ Contestant Hilariously Tells Pat Sajak About Being ‘Almost Attacked’ by Squirrel 3 Times

by Keeli Parkey

Being in college can be stressful. There are lectures, exams, essays, and attacking squirrels. Wait, what? Well, according to one “Wheel of Fortune” contestant, squirrels on her campus can be very scary.

The show recently posted a video of long-time host Pat Sajak talking with one contestant during the show’s “College Week” on its Twitter account. That contestant is Emma, a student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

During the interview portion of this “Wheel of Fortune” episode, Sajak prompted the discussion of squirrels by asking Emma a question he probably never asked another contestant. Maybe he has, but it’s highly doubtful.

“If I were to bring a squirrel in the studio, you would?” Sajak asked.

“I would run,” Emma responded with a truly nervous laugh. “I’m so afraid of them. They run at me. Nobody believes me, but they do.”

Being the jokester he often is, Sajak then wanted to know why the squirrels on the UCLA campus seem to be so focused on Emma.

“You carry nuts in your pocket, or why would they do that?” he jokingly asked.

“No, no, no reason,” Emma then said.

The “Wheel of Fortune” host then wanted to know if any of those pesky squirrels had ever actually attacked Emma. Her answer – was a sort of yes.

“Almost, like three times,” she said laughing.

Sajak then wanted to know more about how Emma was “almost attacked by a squirrel.”

“I don’t know. … wanted to stop it. I can’t,” the still-nervous student said. Maybe she was having a flashback to her squirrel experiences on the UCLA campus.

Seeing Emma’s reaction, Sajak stops talking about squirrels and promises not to bring it up again.

You can watch Emma share her scary squirrel experiences on “Wheel of Fortune” below. It’s definitely worth viewing.

Emma Wins Big on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Despite having to relive some of her scary squirrel-related experiences on national television, college contestant Emma did very well on her episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

According to another video shared on the show’s Twitter account, Emma made it to the famous bonus round and solved the puzzle.

After the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E were posted on the board behind co-host Vanna White, Emma was faced with this: “****LE **NE.”

She then selected the letters P, C, H, and I. Only one of these letters helped her. And, she was left with a board that looked like this: “****LE C*NE.”

Pat Sajak encouraged her and Emma smiled. The solution, which was “WAFFLE CONE,” came to her quickly and she won the game – and $45,000 from the bonus round. That brought her total winnings to $61,750.

“I’m guessing that will come in handy,” Sajak said after he revealed what Emma won.

Maybe she can use some of that money to help her with her squirrel problem?

You can watch Emma solve the bonus puzzle on “Wheel of Fortune” below.