‘Wheel of Fortune’: ‘College Week’ Contestant’s Epic Fail Draws Hilarious Reaction From Pat Sajak

by Madison Miller

This week on “Wheel of Fortune” college students got the chance to test their word puzzle knowledge. One student, in particular, seemed to fail the test, according to viewers at home.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Mistake

On Thursday (April 8), Nico Fife, a junior from USC, got a chance to be on the game show and will likely never forget it. The theatre major had almost entirely solved a puzzle but slipped up when there was only a couple of letters left. Nico also shared that he works with an LGBTQ theater group that does “positive themed queer stories for raising money for independent venues.”

The puzzle was “Leaving my laptop at home.” He was only missing the two “P’s” from the word puzzle. While the answer seemed obvious to just about everyone at home, Fife mistakenly picked the wrong letter.

Instead of saying “P” he said “F.”

After giving this letter, Pat Sajak let out a defeated “nah” in response. Another “Wheel of Fortune” contestant, Chloe, got the opportunity to finish the puzzle and also win a trip to Barbados.

In the process, he had really shocked people online also. One user online not-so-nicely commented, “Something tells me Nico will see a lot of F’s in his college career.” Fife actually retweeted this person’s comment.

Despite getting a lot of attention on social media, Fife was still a winner at the end of the day. He finished in second place and got to walk away with $9,450.

Other people took to Twitter to compliment Fife. One person wrote, “Saw the cutest person on wheel of fortune tonight…do you think I’d have a chance,” Fife retweeted this as well. Others didn’t mock his loss but instead said that being on game shows can be a lot of pressure and the mistake wasn’t that monumental.

More From ‘Wheel of Fortune’ College Week

While Fife may not have been the most successful, another college student got to win big on April 9.

One contestant, Chloe from Cal Poly, got to the bonus round of the show. She had already earned herself a decent amount during the rest of the show. She stands with Sajak and picks her letters for the bonus round.

Then the two of them stand there as ding after ding signals just how perfect her letter selections were. In fact, she is left with only three blank spaces to guess the word puzzle. The answer ends up being “Some Food For Thought.”

Her winning prize ends up being $38,000. In total, she got to walk away with $60,540. For a college student, or anyone really, it is a possibly life-altering amount of money.