‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Bounces Back To Win Big with Trip to the Caribbean

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday night, Wheel of Fortune shared a clip of a contestant coming back from a slow start to win a Caribbean vacation.

A contestant by the name of Nick had some bad luck in the early rounds of the game show. But he bounced back quick the next time he had a chance to take over the wheel. Nick had yet to land on a wedge with a dollar amount, and even host Pat Sajak felt bad for him.

“We’re gonna try again. We’re gonna work on Nick and the wheel. It’s gonna work out,” Sajak said to viewers before a commercial break. “I swear he’s going to hit a number before the night is out.”

Thankfully for Nick’s sake, Sajak’s prediction was right. The next time he spun the wheel, the contestant landed on the $600 wedge. Nick selected an “R” and got three of them, which gave him $1,800. Later, he spun again and landed on $700. He guessed a “K” correctly and went on to solve the Fun & Games puzzle when he answered “Snorkeling In Clear Waters.”

Not only did Nick earn $3,800 for his efforts, he also won a getaway to St. Thomas. However, the contestant wasn’t done quite yet.

“Now we just can’t stop this guy,” the Wheel of Fortune host said about Nick’s late game performance. “Nothing happened, now everything’s happened.”

In the first two rounds, Nick spun the wheel and landed on nothing but “Bankrupt” and “Lose a Turn” wedges. But the contestant came back strong with his late performance. He earned a whopping $24,310 along with his Caribbean trip, and paved his way to the Bonus Round in the process.

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Reveals Season 2 Contestants Including ‘Seinfeld’ Star

It took 45 years for Wheel of Fortune to move from syndication to primetime. Yet in early 2021, the famous game show did exactly that with its first season of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. As the celebrity edition of the game show gears up for its second season, a list of stars has been revealed.

On September 26, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is set to return to television. So far, around 40 celebrities are confirmed to make appearances next season. One celebrity that stands out on the list is former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander. In addition, some big-time sports stars will compete, including NFL Pro Bowler Von Miller and NBA All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns.

The second season of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune will also include numerous actors. To name a few, Vivica A. Fox, Anthony Michael Hall, and Black-ish star Anthony Anderson will compete, among others.

According to a TV Line report, the format for the celebrity edition of the game show will remain the same. But there is one important distinction. The prizes earned by celebrities will not go home with them. Instead, they will be donated to charity. Additionally, Pat Sajak explained that the tone of the celebrity edition of Wheel of Fortune will be a bit more lighthearted.