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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Break Down After Winning Bonus Round’s Biggest Cash Prize

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

It’s always a joy to watch someone win a big prize on a game show. But, for the contestants on Wheel of Fortune, it is extra special to win a massive prize. For one woman who was recently on the show, she earned herself a big bonus.

During a recent episode of the game show, a contestant, Victoria, got to experience a really cool moment. She was into the Bonus round of the show and looking to solve a phrase.

Victoria stood alone behind the wheel next to the host of Wheel of Fortune. She had a big smile on her face as Pat Sajak asked her to spin the wheel. Sajak commented as the wheel was spinning that there’s “lot’s of good stuff out there, including that $100,00.” He added, “wouldn’t that be nice?”

While the wheel was still spinning, Victoria walked over to the board. The category she chose for her bonus round was “What are you doing?” This was a seemingly simple enough category. In the end, it turned out that she was right to choose this topic.

The board showed that she had fifteen letters to solve as part of the phrase. Sajak told her that “R, S, T, L, N, E” were her guesses. The board showed three “T’s” and one “N.”

Victoria chose “G, H, C,” and as her vowel, she decided on “A.” The board rewarded her for her guesses and showed that five of those letters were correct. She was left with just six spots left to solve for. Before her ten seconds began, the phrase read, “CHATT-NG –TH —.”

The “Wheel of Fortune” Contestant Gets Emotional After Winning Her Massive Prize

So, there was certainly work left to do. Almost as Sajak finished telling her that her time was beginning, she solved the puzzle. Victoria proudly said, “Chatting with mom.”

The audience began to cheer as Sajak announced that it was indeed correct. “You know, after all that with the wheel,” the Wheel of Fortune host said. “I feel much better about $100,000!”

Of course, the audience began cheering even louder as the confetti rained down on Victoria and Sajak. The game show host joked that he couldn’t see through all of the confetti. As he was congratulating her, he joked that giving out $100,000 makes the confetti clean up much easier.

Nonetheless, her total of $123,600 is nothing to scoff at. For many, that is a life-altering amount of money. It was an extra special category for Victoria. She explained her emotional story to Sajak. “My mom and I used to watch this show all the time, and she passed away a few years ago.”

The Wheel of Fortune host said that she would certainly be enjoying the way things turned out for her daughter tonight. As Sajak was explaining this, you could see that Victoria was emotional about winning the big prize.