‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Celebrates ‘A Special Occasion’ After Taking Home Huge Payday

by Chris Haney

During tonight’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, one contestant won big money while making quick work of the Bonus Round puzzle. A contestant named Lei easily solved the final puzzle after choosing the perfect letters.

Lei earned her way into the Bonus Round after beating out the other two competitors. As the final round got underway, host Pat Sajak announced the last category, which was an “Event.” Additionally, hostess Vanna White revealed five letters on the game board of the three words that made up the answer. Lei picked “P, C, D, and O” to add to the board as her three consonants and one vowel.

Previous to White revealing the letters, Sajak said he was “feeling good about this.” He suspected that the contestant already knew the answer to the Bonus Round puzzle before choosing her letters.

As White turned over Lei’s chosen letters, the Wheel of Fortune contestant had only five blanks left on the board. She quickly and easily guessed, “A SPECIAL OCCASION,” which was correct. Following her answer, Sajak had to know if Lei had already figured out the puzzle before choosing letters.

“Kind of,” Lei said to Sajak as she celebrated her big win. The contestant added an extra $38,000 to her winnings for solving the final puzzle. Altogether Lei won a total of $71,740 on the game show in just one night. Not bad at all, Lei. Further, Wheel of Fortune‘s social media accounts congratulated Lei on her winnings.

“Did Lei Know This Bonus Round Puzzle Before She Called Any Letters?” Wheel of Fortune wrote on Instagram. “Well, this is definitely a special occasion. Congrats to Lei on winning $38,000!”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Bonus Round Puzzle Despite Missing 11 Letters

Another contestant named Kim recently had a much harder puzzle to solve, but she came through in the clutch. After earning her way into the Bonus Round, and choosing her four letters, Kim was still faced with 11 missing tiles.

As is standard procedure, Kim started off the round by choosing three consonants and one vowel. She picked “M, C, D, and A” as her selections. Unfortunately for Kim though, only two of her selections helped.

“Well, not a lot of help. This looks difficult. You know what, there’s a used letter board, maybe that could help you. ‘Phrase’ is the category. You have 10 seconds. Do your best with that, and good luck,” Pat Sajak said.

“Dabble in photography?” she said not sounding too confident in her answer. Sajak asked for her to speak up and repeat her answer.

“Say it again,” the longtime Wheel of Fortune host said.

She said it more confidently this time. But Sajak had some fun with her and asked Kim to repeat the answer more time. She finally caught on that she had answered correctly as the host told her what she had won.

“I just like the way you said it. And you got yourself a car,” Sajak revealed as he opened her envelope.