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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Is Definitely a ‘Happy Customer’ After Taking Home Huge Prize

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Season 39 of Wheel of Fortune is kicking off with some strong competitors. This week is not only the first of the new season, but it also marks Teacher’s Week. Already, we’ve had teachers show off their smarts and win some big bonuses. Tonight, contestant Michelle Becerra, a fourth-grade teacher from Corona, California, continued the streak.

Along with her career as an elementary school teacher, Becerra is also the mother of two girls in college and a wife of 24 happy years. When she’s not molding the minds of young students at Sierra Vista Elementary School or spending time with her family, it’s likely that Becerra was intently studying Wheel of Fortune each night to make sure she was sharp for her shot on stage. All of that homework seemed to have paid off because the elementary school teacher came home with pockets full of cash.

Of course, as Becerra and all Wheel of Fortune fans and contestants know, the Bonus Puzzle is the most nerve-wracking part of the entire game. With only 10 seconds to solve and a limited number of letters to guess, the pressure can definitely work against you. However, for someone that’s used to short deadlines, it’s not surprising that Becerra did well.

“She’s a good player. She’s already shown that,” host Pat Sajak said as the letters lit up the board.

Before the clock even started, Becerra knew the answer. With a huge grin, she answered, “Happy Customer,” winning her an additional $45,000. Pleased with her bonus winnings, Becerra couldn’t help but laugh.

Watch the Wheel of Fortune competitor’s A+ performance in the clip below.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins a Fall Break Vacation

Besides the Wheel of Fortune contestant’s hefty win on the Bonus Puzzle, Becerra played a pretty solid game throughout her time on the show. In fact, her students might be seeing a substitute teacher for a few days while Becerra enjoys the vacation she won with the Prize Puzzle.

With $9,700 already in her bank, the elementary school teacher knew she had to spin carefully to avoid the ‘Bankrupt’ or ‘Lose a Turn’ slots. Perhaps she used a bit of physics and geometry to help her along because she continuously landed on big-money spaces throughout her turns. Along with some help from language arts, the Wheel of Fortune contestant finally solved the puzzle with “Caribbean Coastline.”

Thanks to her smarts, the elementary school teacher won a trip to Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Mexico, worth $7,206. Not to mention, her spins also added $4,050 to her bank.

By the time Becerra reached the Bonus Puzzle, she already had $20,956 in her pocket. In total, the Wheel of Fortune contestant brought her earnings to an impressive and well-deserved $65,956.