‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Explains Auditioning Process During the Pandemic


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For years, “Wheel of Fortune” has had a pretty similar auditioning process.

A possible contestant submits an application online, gets an in-person audition, and then eventually gets that life-changing call or a letter to come down to the “Wheel of Fortune” studio to officially be on the show.

However, like many aspects of the entertainment world and life in general, COVID-19 forced “Wheel of Fortune” to get a little more creative with their auditioning process.

Contestant Talks ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Audition

A previous contestant on the show, Jeffrey Knight, talked about getting on the show.

Fans of the show may recognize Knight as the guy who won $14,000 and a trip to Hawaii. However, you’ll also likely recognize him for not noticing the fact that Pat Sajak accidentally slipped in the answer to his bonus round puzzle. Sajak had casually said the phrase while talking, but Knight was clueless and focused.

According to Press Telegram, Knight said that the “Wheel of Fortune” audition process had changed a bit. Most notably, he had an online interview for the show. Prior to that, contestants that sparked producers interest had an in-person interview. This year everything was done online due to COVID-19.

“I sent them a video because I thought, ‘Wow, now is my chance, this is my shot.’ They liked the video and got back in touch with me,” Knight said.

Normally those in-person auditions explore how the individual does playing the game on a stage. However, that process was also done virtually through an online game. Knight had performed well enough to land a role as an alternate. Eventually, he got the call that he could be a competitor on January 29.

To become a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant the first step is to visit the online site, here. Then people are prompted to fill out an application and submit a photo. They can also upload a video of why they’d be an excellent addition to the show. After that, the show selects people for a virtual audition.

Perhaps this more virtual audition process could become the new normal for “Wheel of Fortune.”

Tips And Tricks For Being On The Show

Due to a lot of interest in winning huge cash prizes and vacations, getting on the show is difficult. While there is no guaranteed way to get on the show, there are ways to boost your appeal to producers. The executive producer of the show, Harry Friedman, told ABC News that the ideal contestant already understands the show and is an avid puzzle solver.

Many contestants are bubbly, energetic, and spend half the time clapping and jumping. However, this excitement won’t guarantee you a spot either.

“You don’t have to scream and yell and jump up and down. Just be yourself and guess some nice letters and solve the puzzle,” Vanna White said. Meanwhile, Pat Sajak added, “The trick is, just treat it as a fun experience and, you know, it doesn’t hurt to watch a show occasionally because there are strategies involved.”

The show once used a Wheelmobile during the audition process as well. This is a massive bus where people are drawn at random for an interview, a speed round, and could then be invited back to the final auditions.

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