‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Keeps ‘the Express Train Moving’ and Wins Trip to Oahu

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, a contestant took advantage of the Express and won herself a vacation to Oahu, Hawaii.

The Express is one of the more recent features on the long-running game show. If a contestant spins the wheel and lands on the $1,000 Express card, they have the option to continue playing without having to spin again. The Wheel of Fortune contestant is allowed to call consonants, which are worth $1,000 per correct letter. Additionally, they can buy vowels. However, there is one catch since a missed letter results in the contestant going bankrupt.

Contestant Shari chose to take the Express train, and made it count. She chose a laundry list of letters without getting a single one wrong. After picking T, H, F, Y, P, O, L, A, D and M, Shari had filled in the entire board. Host Pat Sajak asked her to read the answer, which was just a technicality at that point. The contestant confidently said aloud, “ADMIRING THE INFINITY POOL,” and couldn’t contain her excitement after Sajak announced she’d just won a trip to Hawaii.

“Shari kept the Express train moving – and now she’s going to Oahu!” Wheel of Fortune‘s Twitter account posted in celebration of Shari’s prize trip.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Confused by Contestant’s Prize to Anticlimactic Location

It’s not uncommon for Wheel of Fortune contestants to win trips on the game show. But not all are as lucky as Shari when it comes to the destination. While most receive vacations to exotic locations, one contestant was dealt a different hand.

A few weeks ago, Dan from Redondo Beach, California successfully solved the first-round puzzle. In addition, he won a surprise trip to… drum roll, please… Connecticut!

After he won the round, the card revealed that the trip was for a vacation at Connecticut’s Madison Beach Hotel. The hotel’s rooms cost an average of $400 per night. The property includes amenities such as a spa, fine dining options, and beach access adjacent to the hotel. The game show revealed that the trip was worth $7,000, but Dan’s face couldn’t hide the anticlimactic reveal of the Connecticut getaway.

Although the trip seems fairly underwhelming, Dan did well for himself on Wheel of Fortune. He also solved the final puzzle, which earned him an additional $38,000 on top of his $17,250 already earned. A total of $55,250 isn’t too shabby for an evening’s work and helps make up for the lack of an exotic trip.

Some Wheel of Fortune fans felt just as disappointed as Dan and couldn’t help but make fun of the giveaway online. One Twitter user seems to know Madison, Connecticut well and warned the contestant not to get too excited.

“Bro one of the prizes on Wheel of Fortune is a 7k trip to CT. To Madison. Mans about to be hella disappointed,” the fan hilariously wrote on Twitter.

Another fan of the show couldn’t contain their disbelief over the trip’s location either. Not every trip giveaway can be to Hawaii unfortunately.

Wheel of Fortune just had a $7,000 trip to Madison, Connecticut. I’m dead,” they tweeted.