‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Nervously Fills Out Board, Wins Caribbean Vacation

by Will Shepard

As far as game shows go, Wheel of Fortune continues to be in a category of its own. Even though Pat Sajak has talked about how the show is easier than Jeopardy!, it is still exciting.

Recently, a contestant on the show got to experience the highs that come with winning a big prize on the show. Bridget, on a recent episode, got to spin her way into an incredibly nice vacation.

Yesterday night, Wheel of Fortune shared a heartwarming video of the contestant experiencing a nerve-wracking time. So, what exactly happened for Bridget to win a sweet trip to the Caribbean?

During the video from the episode, it was Bridget’s turn to spin the wheel. She gave it a hefty spin, and it stopped on “Express $1,000.”

Sajak said over some intense music, “Well, let’s have a letter.” Bridget stood behind the wheel she had just spun, wringing her hands together with nervous energy.

Immediately, Sajak picked up on this and let her know. “I just love the look of terror when people land on [the express].” He then asked her to pick one letter.

Despite being nervous, it didn’t take long for the Wheel of Fortune contestant to choose “G.” But, she chose the letter with an undoubtedly frightened look plastered to her face.

Bridget Nervously Meandered Her Way Through the “Wheel of Fortune” Answer

Sajak said, “Well, I’ve got bad news. There is a ‘G,’ which means you now have to decide if you want to do this express thing.” The category she was working within was called “Fun and Games.” The game show host explained that she could keep choosing consonants for 1,000 each. He also said that she can keep buying vowels as well.

But, he noted that the caveat is that if she misses any letters, she goes bankrupt. So, with the consequences laid out for her, Bridget chose to go ahead with the express. Even though her confidence looked to be lacking, she was putting her best foot forward no matter what.

Fortunately, there were only six open letters left on the board. Initially, there had been twenty open spaces for the contestants to solve. So, there was certainly hope for Bridget.

Sajak said, “All right, let’s start. What letter’s first?” Bridget took half of a second to ask for a “C.” The board chimed twice, and Sajak said that there were indeed two “C’s.”

As soon as Vanna White had ticked the boxes, Bridget chose an “M.” Again, the board made a ding, and the Wheel of Fortune co-host walked over to tap the blue marker.

Pat Sajak said, “Uh-huh, one ‘M’ for another $1,000.” Next, Bridget chose an “O.” The host of the game show paused before saying that there was one “O” on the board. The suspense is clearly getting to her, but Bridget kept on plugging away.

Finally Solving the Puzzle

At this point, she was down to only two open letters. The board read, “CR_I_ING ON A CATAMARAN.” As you can see, the victory was very much in hand for her. All Bridget had to do was make sure she spelled the first word correctly.

But, Bridget was certainly nervous and didn’t want to mess it up. So, she paused before finally asking for an “S.” Sajak joked that, “Oddly enough, there is one.” With that, she sighed heavily, clearly relieved that there was only one letter left to add.

“Wow,” Sajak said. “Can you solve this before we all have a heart attack?” She smiled, let out a little laugh, and said, “Cruising on a catamaran.”

The audience cheered as the Wheel of Fortune host told her that was the correct answer. Again, Sajak pulled out a joke, “Boy, that was a desperation guess if I ever heard one.”

With $6,600 in her bank, Sajak told her that she is “still going to Barbados.” After hearing him say that, Bridget freaked out and clasped her hands to her mouth in excitement. The audience cheered even louder for her.

Man, oh man, what an awesome way to win a trip to the Caribbean. Wheel of Fortune said, “Bridget was a little nervous about hopping on the Express Wedge!”