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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Contestant Gets the ‘Icing on the Cake’ When She Wins Major Cash Prize in Final Round

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that a culinary school graduate won the Wheel of Fortune bonus round with the category, “In the Kitchen.” In an episode of the game show last November, contestant Laticha Graham made it all the way to the bonus round to win some big money from host Pat Sajak.

Let’s take a look at how she got there.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Uses Culinary Skills to Win Game

As if a sign from the culinary gods, the first category of the Wheel of Fortune episode was “In the Kitchen.” The thousand-dollar toss-up puzzle was two words with lots of vowels.

The first guess: “Seasoning Spoon.”

Not too far off. However, Laticha Graham gave the correct answer, “Measuring Spoon.”

While the contestant lost the next couple rounds to her competitors, not to worry. There are plenty more food-centered puzzles in store for the kitchen extraordinaire.

After securing a trip to Panama by correctly solving the puzzle, “That’s what I call a vacation,” Graham snagged the first of the Wheel of Fortune Triple Toss-Up puzzles. With five letters still missing, Graham called out “Flat as a pancake” to win an additional $1,000. Although she missed out on “Sweet as sugar,” she rebounded to win the final toss-up with the much harder phrase, “Nutty as a fruitcake.”

With $18,616 worth of dough, Graham rolled into the Bonus Round.

Contestant Gets Sweet Deal During Bonus Round

Sometimes for gameshow contestants, the stars align just right for them to win the game. However, for Latisha Graham, the letters, instead, aligned for her to walk home from Wheel of Fortune with a whole lot of cash.

Of the twelve letters in the bonus puzzle, only four lit up with the letters N S T L. With Graham’s requested letters added, that ratio switched to only four letters remaining.

The puzzle now looks like:

_ C _ N _

S P A T _ L A

Although Graham initially seemed unsure of the first word, it only took her a few seconds to solve the puzzle.

“Icing Spatula,” she yelled.

As the crowd applauded, host Pat Sajak exclaimed, “No problem!”

Just as enthusiastic as the contestant, he revealed to Graham that she won an additional $38,000. Her grand total increased to $56,616. That plus a trip to Panama seemed to have Graham at a loss for words.

“You know, when they start with vowels, they can be tough like that,” Sajak shared, commending the contestant for her speedy response.

As usual, letter-turner Vanna White cheers for the victorious contestant from the other end of the stage, no doubt trying to telepathically send her the answer. However, Graham’s skills in the kitchen were all the help that she “kneaded.”