‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Goes on a Run To Win Big with Trip to Antigua

by Jonathan Howard

There is no denying that Wheel of Fortune is one of the greatest game shows of all time. The pacing, the prizes, and the play-at-home fun are all great! With Pat Sajak and Vanna White making the best duo on television, fans have loved Wheel for decades.

On a recent, all-new episode, one contestant went off on a roll to take the prize puzzle for a vacation trip. These are some of the best moments in the show. When a contestant lands on the Express card and starts to solve the puzzle all on their own. It feels so suspenseful as each letter goes up on the board. One wrong choice and the whole thing is down the drain and they lose their points.

So, fans were treated to a great showing on the Express when Sheldon decided he was going to take on the entire puzzle himself and rake in the money and the trip to Antigua.

Wouldn’t you know it, Sheldon knew just what to do. One by one he called out the letters and slowly started to solve the puzzle. By the time it was all said and done, he racked up $7,750 on the puzzle and landed the trip to Antigua. Even if that’s all he earned in the game, that’s not a bad half hour’s work.

Sheldon was so overjoyed with the result, he let out a “woo!” while he raised his hands above his head. What else is there to do after winning a Wheel of Fortune puzzle? Sajak vowed, “Before the show is over, we’re going to get Sheldon dancing.” Hopefully, he had a reason to keep celebrating after the one puzzle.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Puzzle Celebrations

Really, the best part of Wheel of Fortune is the celebrations. Contestants are usually just happy to be on the show. When they start to solve puzzles and win prizes, the excitement cannot be contained. There are contestants that scream, others silently celebrate, and everything in between.

Last week, a contestant was up against the wall on the bonus puzzle at the end of the show. These puzzles are the hardest to solve and contestants only get a small set of letters. Everyone gets R-S-T-L-N-E. After that, they get to select one more vowel as well as a set of consonants. Occasionally they receive a bonus letter earned in the game before the bonus round.

So, when it came down to the bonus round last week, Karen was not given much help. None of the letters that she chose ended up on the board. With just four letters revealed, she had to use her brain a little more than she probably hoped. With so few letters, it can be difficult to even know where to begin. However, in the category “What Are You Wearing?” she had just enough to get the puzzle. She shouted out “Jean Jacket” and the puzzle lit up with letters. It was one of the more impressive solves and she won a Ford Edge for her cunning.