‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Is Left Stunned After Winning Trip to Exotic Location

by Evan Reier
'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Stunned After Winning Trip to Exotic Locale
Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

It’s not unrealistic to say that many people dream at night about winning Wheel of Fortune. Sometimes, that becomes reality.

The spinning of the wheel, answering of puzzles, a promise of huge prizes all add up to a dream-like scenario. After all, game shows are supposed to be an escape from reality, right Vanna White?

So when recent contestant, Morgan, correctly solved her puzzle on Wheel of Fortune, she both achieved a dream-like scenario and an “escape” all in one.

After having over half of the answer’s letters up on the board, Morgan was ready.

“I’d like to solve,” Morgan announced with a brief affirmation from Pat Sajak.

She makes no mistake After confidently answering, “Award-Winning Hospitality,” she gets a somewhat casual, “That is correct.” from Pat Sajak. But then the host, still at his best, turns her world upside down.

“Now, look me in the eye,” Sajak tells Morgan. “You’re going to the Caribbean.”

What happens next can only be described as a gasp. Morgan’s hands immediately go to her mouth, and she can’t help but chop her feet and laugh in excitement.

However, in classic Sajak fashion, he had a quick-witted comment for Morgan.

“I bet you haven’t had that look on your face since they told you were having triplets,” Sajak said.

Morgan, still in shock, doesn’t have much to add and doesn’t need to.

“You ain’t lying Pat!”

Wheel of Fortune Filming in Exotic Locations

While Morgan may be heading to an exotic locale, Wheel of Fortune often gets the benefit of filming in ideal spots. When the show isn’t in their headquarters of Los Angeles, it is often touring the country as they host themed weeks.

One trip Pat Sajak and Vanna White get to make relatively often is to the islands of Hawai’i. The pair opened up about their many visits to Oahu and the Big Island.

It’s a scenario that prompted Sajak to explain what fans see versus what they see. As massive as Wheel of Fortune is, it takes a massive crew to take the show on the road.

“It is kind of funny when people think of the show, they think of us because that’s who they see on TV,” Sajak said to LAVA in 2008. “But you know, when you come here, and you’ve wondered around, we’ve got more than 100 people working their tails off to make this thing work. It’s tough to do a show this size on a grassy knoll outside a hotel here in Hawaii.”

However, the staff gets it done and Hawai’i week remains one of the show’s most popular.