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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Is Locked on Baseball, Guessing the Incorrect Word Repeatedly

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Maybe it’s because the World Series is right around the corner. Or, maybe he just isn’t ready to let summer go as we head into fall. Whatever it is, one Wheel of Fortune contestant certainly had baseball on his mind while competing on the hit game show this week.

In a Friday evening post, the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page shared a hilarious moment when one contestant was so locked into baseball that he guessed the wrong word two times over.

“Anthone has baseball on the brain,” joked the Friday evening Twitter post.

The video features Wheel contestant Anthone as he first attempts to solve a puzzle.

It’s a two-word answer with the category “place.”

With five letters already revealed on the board – two “L’s” in the first word, and an “S,” a “T” and a “D” in the second word – Anthone thinks he’s ready to solve the puzzle. So, he buzzes in.

“Baseball Stadium?” the Wheel of Fortune contestant asks as he attempts to solve the puzzle.

A good guess. But, it’s the wrong one.

As the letters continue appearing on the board, it quickly becomes clear that Anthone had the right idea…just the wrong sport.

Soon, another contestant solves the puzzle: “Football Stadium.”

Guessing the wrong word in an effort to be the first to solve a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune is not a new scenario. In fact, it happens often on the iconic game show.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Doubles Down On His Baseball Guesses

But, Anthone’s obsession with America’s pastime wasn’t quite over during this particular Wheel of Fortune episode.

The video goes on to show another clip from the same show.

This time, the contestants are solving a puzzle involving a “place.”

This puzzle is also two words. And, when Anthone buzzes in, there are only two letters on the board: two “L’s” at the end of the first word.

“Baseball field,” the Wheel of Fortune contestant says.

Again, a very good guess. But, again, it was the wrong one.

Soon, the letters fill the board, and yet again, another contestant solves the puzzle with the correct answer: “football field” before it can get back to Anthone.

Clearly, there is a sports theme at play here…but it’s not the sport that was on Anthone’s mind that day!

As the video comes to an end, the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page gives us another clip from the hilarious game show moments.

During another puzzle, which again is a “place” we see three words on the board. As the letters begin to fill in on the puzzle, the contestants see that it is yet again a sports-related answer.

“The end zone,” one contestant says, solving the puzzle.

No baseball guesses here for Anthone. Although, Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak had to drop in a little joke teasing Anthone a little for his focus on the specific sport.

“You know Anthone, if you had any sense of humor, you would have just said “baseball zone,”” teased Sajak addressing a laughing Anthone. “Just for fun!”