‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch One Contestant Lose on Purpose, Leaving Pat Sajak Completely Puzzled

by Will Shepard
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On a 2015 episode of Wheel of Fortune, one contestant shocked Pat Sajak. On the game show, contestants have the ability to win a lot of money. There are also plenty of moments that leave Pat Sajak wondering what happened.

There have been moments of Wheel of Fortune contestants missing obvious answers by mistake. Over the years, contestants have made headlines for silly errors which end up costing them lots of money. During this episode, though, the mistake seemed to be on purpose.

During one of the Veteran’s Week episodes, Nura made headlines. Wheel of Fortune invited a handful of retired military personnel to join the show.

One contestant, Nura, was doing exceptionally well heading into the final round. She was winning puzzles and crafting a big lead over the other Wheel of Fortune contestants.

But, all of the sudden, Sajak, the other contestants, and the Wheel of Fortune audience watched a complete meltdown. The contestant began picking random letters, almost as if she had forgotten how to play.

She chose “Z” and “Q.” There was even an instance where Nura didn’t even choose a letter before time ran out. This seemed to be completely on purpose. And the rationale behind the move might have been incredibly wholesome.

In the final round before the bonus round, she changed her strategy. The puzzle she was solving was “What Are You Doing?” This was a particularly apt title for her actions. When she began to guess letters, she chose “Z” first.

Wheel of Fortune” Contestant Purposely Messed up Her Puzzle Solving and Pat Sajak Didn’t Understand

Sajak was stunned and asked, “Say that again for me? Did you say ‘Z?'” She reiterated that she did indeed want to ask for Z, “As in Zulu, ‘Z.'” Well, the letter wasn’t on the board, and the game show host looked extremely confused.

When her turn came again, she let her time run out without deciding on any letters. Another of her turns, she chose “X” and “Q.” Consequently, she lost the round to another contestant. Coincidentally, that Wheel of Fortune contestant had started the round without any money. After that round, though, she had $6,400.

Nura wound up winning in the bonus round. So, the Wheel of Fortune host, talking to her, said, “May I ask you a question?” He then asked her why she had chosen such random letters. Hilariously, she shrugged and responded, “That’s what I saw.”

The broad assumption after the episode concluded was that she had a specific purpose for losing so blatantly. Many people thought one of two things. First, that she already knew the answer to the puzzle and was trying to throw the other contestants off. Or second, that it was a ploy to help the others return from Wheel of Fortune with some money.

Even though there is a guaranteed sum of money that participants go home with, Nura might have wanted each person to leave with more. At the end of the show, the Wheel of Fortune contestant left with roughly $14,000 in prize money.