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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Makes History By Becoming the Second Consecutive $100,000 Winner

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

History has been made in Wheel of Fortune tonight. For the first time ever, the show had back-to-back $100,000 winners.

In almost 40 years of being on TV, Wheel had never had two contestants win the $100,000 grand prize on back-to-back nights. However, that has now happened. Even after a little teaser last night from Pat and Maggie Sajak, no one was sure what would happen. So, how did it happen? Well, take a look.

Last night it was Lisa. Tonight, it was Mark. He was tasked with solving the bonus round puzzle like everyone else who wins Wheel of Fortune. The topic? Event. Three words. After all of the letters were given and chosen for the puzzle, R-S-T-L-N-E as well as C-D-P-I, there wasn’t a lot on the board. But, there was enough.

Mark analyzed the board, and in almost a split second answered with, “A Quick Flight.” He started cheering and celebrating almost immediately. Then, with a smile on his face, Pat revealed to him that he had indeed won the six-figure prize.

It isn’t often that Wheel of Fortune has a record-breaker or a brand new first, but this is one that is long overdue. How about Lisa and Mark spinning the wheel and getting lucky in back-to-back games? It’s always more exciting when the contestants win the big prizes. No one wants to see anyone go home with nothing, or with a small purse.

Pat and Vanna always seem to be in a good mood when the players are winning big and everyone is having a good time. After all, it is always supposed to be about the players at the end of the day. It sure seemed like fans were enjoying the show as they watched Mark take on the bonus round.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans React to $100k Winners

Last night, when Pat Sajak ended up on Maggie’s Twitter talking about the potential for two $100k winners in two days, it started to feel like something was up. Then, watching Mark go through the rounds and the puzzles it felt like he had what it takes.

Fans were very excited after this big night.

“That puzzle sure was [more] challenging than last night! Congrats to Mark on the win at the $100,000 prize tonight on [Wheel of Fortune]!” Felix Mendez said. “I believe it’s the first time in Wheel of Fortune history we’ve had a contestant take home a grand prize worth at least $100,000 in back to back nights.” Why, that’s right, Felix!

“Wow! I can’t believe it! Back to back 100k wins on Wheel of Fortune. OMG. Now I really want to audition for it,” Clarence Storm replied to the winning video.

Wheel doesn’t get better than this. Seeing contestants win big prizes, have big smiles, and cheer for great reasons.