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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Takes Home Mind-Boggling Amount Despite Missing on Grand Cash Prize

by Jon D. B.
(Christopher Willard via Getty Images) VANNA WHITE

“Nick’s Incredible Final Winnings!” Wheel of Fortune lauds Friday. Incredible, indeed! Congratulations to Nick Aguilera, who just brought home close to $100,000!

“After an impressive night of puzzle-solving, Nick is going home with a whole lot of cash! 💵” Fortune continues in their celebratory Instagram post after Aguilera’s big win.

How big, you may ask? It all began with the bonus round, and Nick set himself up for a huge win. Choosing the round’s classic “three more consonants and one more vowel,” Aguilera went for P, H, G, and O.

Adding these with the existing RSTLNE – i.e. the most common letters in the English language – the contestant sets himself for a huge prize. He just doesn’t know it yet!

With N, S, and T already on the board for Nick, his O and G soon show up courtesy of Vanna White. The category? Living things… And you know Nick has the answer figured out once he lights up like the 4th of July.

“Giant Oaks!” Aguilera answers excitedly with little hesitation.

“You sure picked the right letters!” Pat Sajak celebrates with Nick, who’s now bounding uncontrollably. Who wouldn’t be? Especially with Aguilera’s prize earnings from the bonus round…

“Well it’s not the home, and it’s not the $100,000,” Sajak reveals, referring to Wheel of Fortune‘s current home giveaway with Latitude Margaritaville.

“But I bet you’ll still like this!”

With this win alone, Nick takes home an incredible $38,000! But wait, there’s more!

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Takes Home Massive Cash Total

“And you know, you’re not that far away from the 100!” Sajak adds, before revealing Nick’s total winnings for the night: “$80,500! All cash!”

Needless to say, Nick is thrilled – as are Pat & Vanna – saying the contestant “a lot of fun!”

Watch Nick Aguilera’s astounding win for yourself below, courtesy of Wheel of Fortune on Instagram:

As for that “home” Pat Sajak mentions, Wheel of Fortune is giving veterans a chance to win a Latitude Margaritaville home with their exciting new partnership.

“America’s Show” is using their clout to support America’s veterans in a big way. Joining forces with Latitude Margaritaville homes, “America’s Game” is giving veterans the chance to win a brand new home in one of their many communities by Minto.

Winners can choose between Watersound, Daytona Beach, or Hilton Head. So “start dreaming about your life in paradise,” veterans!

“We’re thankful for all our veterans and proud to partner with Latitude Margaritaville, a supporter of the local veteran community!” Wheel of Fortune posted to their Instagram Thursday. For more on the contest, and how to play yourself, we’ve got you covered there, too!