‘Wheel of Fortune’: Contestant Once Hilariously Repeated Wrong Answer Twice

by Madison Miller

Despite how confident a contestant is in their incorrect answer, they still can’t manifest it to be right. This is one lesson a contestant happened to learn in an older episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

Many contestants repeat a wrong answer accidentally, but this contestant was quite adamant that his “The Pointed Desert” was correct. The contestants were trying to answer a “Toss-Up” puzzle.

The first contestant answered incorrectly and said, “The Pointed Desert.” It then moved on to the next competitor who proceeded to give the same exact incorrect answer, but even more confidently. He gave his answer and Pat Sajak said, “You still have time,” indicating that his answer was incorrect.

The contestant looked around confused and asked “I still have time?” He then proceeded to just add, “I’d like to solve” before, yet again, giving the same exact answer in a frustrated tone. Pat Sajak came in with a sassy quip, “It’s not “The Pointed Desert,” no matter how many times you say it.”

Finally, the next contestant had the correct answer of “The Painted Desert.” It’s one of those moments that had viewers at home watching in disbelief at just how hilariously wrong the contestant was. Even Sajak admitted, “I was just going to give him ‘Pointed Desert,’ he was so insistent on it.”

Viewers don’t really know just how much pressure and nerves are present on the “Wheel of Fortune” studio stage.

Another ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant’s Costly Fail

Unfortunately, a mistake on “Wheel of Fortune” is much more than just a mistake. It’s also missing out on potential big money and prizes. It can make a simple error that much more excruciating.

One contestant from 2018 had all the letters in front of him on a puzzle. All he had to do was read it, however, he happened to mispronounce the first word of the puzzle. The puzzle was, “Flamenco Dance Lessons.” Jonny Knowles read it more like “flamengo.”

After his false answer, there’s a long silent pause. Eventually, the buzzer goes off indicating an incorrect answer and Sajak mutters a quick sorry. His incorrect pronunciation made him miss out on a lot of cash as well as a trip to Spain. He then admitted there was a moment while he was still there that he knew he was going to be a viral “Wheel of Fortune” fail.

“There was so much going through my mind. I was just shocked, I was confused, I was trying to figure out what had just happened. I thought I said ‘flamenco,’ but I said ‘flamengo.’ I was nervous, the nerves got the best of me, I made a mistake. Right after that moment, they sat us down and they were deliberating in the back room,” Knowles said in a “Good Morning America” interview.