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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Opens New Season with All-Star Performance: VIDEO

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

With a new season comes new rules, a new set and new all-star contestants. The first of these impressive guests is Allison, a Wheel of Fortune pro that swept her competitors away again and again in the first episode of the season. Leading the way was, of course, Pat Sajak who seemed just as blown away with Allison’s performance as the rest of us.

With so many new changes to the show, it’s a lot of added pressure for contestants to perform well. More than ever, fans will be watching to see how this season stacks up to the past. So, competitors should be ready for some hawk-eyed viewers. Regardless of the extra stressors, Allison played the game like she had been on that stage for each one of the show’s 39 seasons.

Impressed with its contestant’s winnings, Wheel of Fortune posted a montage on Instagram of Allison’s greatest moments during the opening episode of the season.

Besides her all-star performance, the contestant also made history as the first to do the Final Spin instead of the host. Earlier today, Sajak explained that competitors will now be in charge of the small yet crucial task for the first time ever.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Schools Competitors with Academic Puzzle Answers

As a part of Teacher’s Week, the game show made most of the answers to today’s puzzles school-related. From classes to subjects to students, the Wheel of Fortune studied the board intently to try to beat Allison’s quick intellect. Ever the valedictorian, Allison still managed to score higher than her competitors time after time. Her most impressive wins by far were the Triple Toss-Up sweep and Bonus Puzzle solve.

This season, as Pat Sajak explained, there was a slight change to the Triple Toss-Up. If competitors manage to solve all three Toss-Up puzzles correctly, they earn an additional $1,000 on top of the $3,000 they already receive for each puzzle. That means guests can bring home a total of $10,000 from just these three answers alone.

When only five letters appeared on the board, Allison quickly gave the answer “Trigonometry.” Next, she answered, “Advanced Algebra,” quickly spotting the pattern among the three puzzles. Lastly, she took home the full ten grand with “Basic Math.”

During the Bonus Puzzle, Allison made some wise choices with her chosen consonants, “H,” “G” and “P.” Without even needing the clock, she solved the “Place” puzzle with her answer, “Garden Path.”

The final solution brought her total earnings up to $42,225 to a whopping $81,225. Allison literally jumped for joy when she heard her winnings. No doubt, this performance will be a hard act to follow for the next competitors on Wheel of Fortune.