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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Catches Pat Sajak Off-Guard with Colorful Comment

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

Pat Sajak has been a part of many ridiculous moments on Wheel of Fortune. There are many times where contestants have said crazy things, and the host has had interesting reactions. Almost all of these moments have generated hilarious reactions from the crowd.

Recently, a contestant was doing her interview, and the crowd inferred a lot from Sajak and her exchange. At first glimpse, the interaction seems harmless and could have easily been brushed over. But, Sajak was taken a little aback by her statement and the audience’s response.

Wheel of Fortune posted the clip to their Twitter account and said that “We weren’t expecting Chris to say that during her contestant interview.”

After learning that the contestant was a registered nurse, Pat Sajak said, “I’d like to walk into a room and see you there.”

As if that wasn’t weird enough, the contestant, Chris, had an interesting response. She said, “Oh, I’d love to see you come into my room.” the Wheel of Fortune host laughed and responded, “Well, thank you.”

But, the crowd wasn’t going to let them off easily. They erupted in laughter, applause, and cheers. The camera stayed on Sajak and showed him looking incredulously into the audience.

Pat Sajak Pulled a Prank on a Local TV Station That Landed Him the “Wheel of Fortune” Host Job

Pat Sajak worked as a weatherman for a local LA television station before he joined Wheel of Fortune. The story that landed him the job on Merv Griffin’s show is awesome. However, Sajak said that he is ashamed of how he got the job.

Nonetheless, the prank was simple and effective. In an interview from 2009, he explained the simple joke he pulled as the weatherman.

“So, while I’m talking to the anchor, I had a little band-aid on my face,” Sajak said. “And the guy says, ‘What’s going on? “And I said, ‘I just nicked myself, I’m sorry, it’s kind of unsightly.’ And then I get into the weather.”

The current Wheel of Fortune host continued, “Well, every time they cut away from me to a satellite map or something, I would move the bandaid to another spot. That was my idea of humor. I did it five or six times, and everybody got a little laugh out of it.”

“I never made reference to it, and that’s the very sophisticated humor I was doing,” he recalled. “But Merv thought that was the funniest thing he ever saw and hired me. So I’m just happy that he was easily entertained that night.”

It might be surprising to Wheel of Fortune fans, but this is how he was chosen by Merv Griffin. What’s more, is that the prank seems to sum Sajak’s personality up exceptionally well.