‘Wheel of Fortune’: Contestant Picks Near-Perfect Letters to Make Solving Final Bonus Round Incredibly Simple

by Chris Haney

During Monday night’s Wheel of Fortune bonus round, contestant Lei chose the perfect letters, which allowed her to easily solve the final puzzle.

After winning the regular rounds of Wheel of Fortune, Lei earned the right to move on to the bonus round. Host Pat Sajak revealed the final topic: Event. In addition, Vanna White revealed five out of the 16 letters that made up the three-word answer.

The contestant went on to select “P, C, D, & O” as her three consonants and one vowel to add to the board. Before White even started turning the letters over, Sajak said, “I’m feeling good about this.”

“I don’t know if she already knew it when she was calling those letters or not. I wonder,” the host added.

Once White finished turning Lei’s letters over, the Wheel of Fortune contestant had only five blanks left out of 16. The answer, as Lei easily guessed, was obviously “A SPECIAL OCCASION.” Sajak promptly asked Lei if she had the puzzle figured out before choosing her letters.

“Kind of,” Lei responded with a smile before winning an extra $38,000 for solving the bonus round. Adding her bonus prize to her total winnings, Lei took home $71,740 on Monday.

“What an incredible night for Lei! She picked all the right letters to get this Bonus Round puzzle!” Wheel of Fortune tweeted.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins Brand New Car

On Friday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, a college student not only walked away with thousands but also earned himself a brand new car as well. A student from the University of Southern California named Jack made the most of his game show appearance. He won a whopping $49,650 along with a new Mini Cooper, and couldn’t contain his excitement.

Jack earned his way into Wheel of Fortune‘s bonus round with a strong performance in the early rounds of the game show. With only five letters revealed out of 18 in the Food & Drink-themed final puzzle, he had his work cut out for him. The contestant selected “C, F, H, and A” to be added to the board. As Vanna White revealed the extra letters, Jack now had 10 out of 18 letters to work with.

The USC student immediately started to celebrate even before host Pat Sajak started the timer. Without hesitation, Jack answered “Creamy Artichoke Dip” and went into celebration mode. As if Jack wasn’t already excited enough, when Sajak opened his bonus prize winnings card, he freaked out. The student had won a brand new Mini Cooper. Jack hilariously darted towards the car and jumped inside as Sajak congratulated the big winner.

“Jack Is Shocked During This Bonus Round! 🤯 Beep, beep! 🚙 Check out how Jack won the keys to this new ride,” Wheel of Fortune wrote on Instagram.