‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Reveals Incredible Story About Going From Viewer to Winning Massive Prize on Show

by Josh Lanier

A Wheel of Fortune contestant who took home more than $123,000 in cash from the show, revealed her long journey to be on the show.

Victoria Rice, a sommelier from California, explained the process on a Wheel of Fortune Instagram post.

“I just won $100,000 on Wheel of Fortune, and you can too,” she says. “So, a few years ago I got an email from Wheel of Fortune asking me to do a 60-second video, and I was too shy and didn’t do it. Later on, every time I solved a puzzle, my boyfriend would say ‘That could have been you,’ and I got sick of him saying it. So I applied, and here I am today.”

She said other wannabe contestants should send in a video for their own chance to be on the popular game show. You can find out more about how to apply to be on the show here.

“What’s it like to win $100,000 on Wheel of Fortune? 👀 Victoria tells us how she went from Wheel Watcher to BIG MONEY winner—and how you can, too!” the show captioned the post.

Victoria Elated after Big Win on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Victoria went into the bonus round with $23,000 in the bank. She had done well on Monday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, but the final puzzle is always fickle.

The board showed that she had fifteen letters to solve as part of the phrase. As always, she was given “R, S, T, L, N, E.” The board showed three “T’s” and one “N.”

Victoria chose “G, H, C,” and as her vowel, she decided on “A.” The board rewarded her for her guesses and showed that five of those letters were correct. She was left with just six spots left to solve for. Before her ten seconds began, the phrase read, “CHATT-NG –TH/ —.”

It wasn’t a lot to work with, but she was able to figure out the answer was “Chatting with mom.” Ironically, Victoria said she channeled her mom for the final answer. Her mother died three years ago, but they used to watch Wheel of Fortune every day. It’s where her love of the show began.

Then host Pat Sajak opened the winning envelope.

Of course, the audience cheered as the confetti rained down on Victoria and Sajak. He joked that giving out $100,000 makes the confetti clean up much easier.

According to the Wheel of Fortune blog, this was the fifth time someone has won the $100,000 prize on the show.