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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Contestant Reveals Hilarious Way He Told Fiancée About Winning Exotic Getaway

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Christopher Willard via Getty Images)

Everyone who watches game shows dreams of one day competing on them and winning a big prize. Well, recently, on Wheel of Fortune, a Pennsylvania native got to take home a massive prize.

Ryan Muldowney got as lucky as you possibly can get and hit the one million dollar spot on Wheel of Fortune. So, a Pittsburgh newspaper, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, got the chance to interview him afterward. Perhaps the best part of the experience was that he was able to trick his fiancée about the win.

So, Muldowney begins by describing what the experience was like for him. He detailed how filming began at noon on the dot, then explained that the audience was made up of contestants from the previous shoot. He made it explicitly clear that when the cameras were not rolling, everyone was observing proper social distancing and wearing a mask.

The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Set About Tricking His Fiancée About Winning

But, he noted that the Wheel of Fortune atmosphere was different than it seemed on television. He does add that he is typically a very high-energy person. Consequently, this helped him get into the game really quickly.

“I didn’t want to be a wet blanket up there.” Muldowney continued, “I was having a good time, and I wanted to put that across. I thought maybe if I keep the excitement and enthusiasm, the wheel would come around for me.”

The good times for the Wheel of Fortune contestant paid off big time. Muldowney hit the million-dollar spot after having been bankrupt in the first round.

Of course, he was ecstatic about winning. The Los Angeles transplant has a full year to take his Costa Rica vacation. So, there is plenty of time for him, his fiancée, and their 14-month old son to plan out all of the logistics.

But, in the interview, he talked about how he tricked his fiancée about winning when he got home. He played the part of a mopey loser perfectly. He was acting like he had lost Wheel of Fortune. Then, while the two were eating pizza, he said, “I’m not sure how the pizza is going to taste in Costa Rica.”

That is certainly an awesome way to tell your partner that you’re going to go on an exotic vacation. And props to Muldowney for being able to hold out with the prank for so long.