‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Solve Fashion-Based Bonus Round Puzzle in Rapid Time

by Evan Reier

On May 14th’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, a contestant earned a huge prize and accomplished a special feat while doing so.

It’s not very often that you see consecutive contestants win in the show’s bonus round, but this week was a different story. All five episodes of Wheel of Fortune this week featured competitors who won in the bonus round, meaning the show was handing out some pretty large cash prizes.

The latest episode saw contestant Toni get her chance. Not only did she rise to the occasion, but she also got the puzzle right very quickly. There’s no speed bonuses in Wheel of Fortune, but Toni would’ve earned one if there were.

Toni had amassed a chunk over $16,000 before the bonus round and was already on a roll. Pat Sajak then prefaces what’s about to come next by mentioning her “wildcard” for the bonus round.

“Four out of five shows this week,” Sajak explained. “The person who’s gone to the bonus round has taken their wild card with them, so we’ll see how that works out.”

Sure enough, it did. It got her an extra consonant for the puzzle, which came out of the category, “what are you wearing.” It didn’t take long for Toni to pick the category when presented with “person,” “thing,” and the clothing-based genre.

After selecting D, W, Y, O, the Wheel of Fortune contestant used her wild card for the letter C. While Sajak called the choices “interesting,” they paid dividends as Toni knocked off six letters in short order.

It made for a pretty simple puzzle solve in the end, with the answer being “Waterproof Poncho.” As the victory music sounded, Sajak showed the whopping $38,000 Toni won.

Wheel of Fortune Shows Off Bonus-Round Winners

Shortly after the clip of Toni’s win was posted, the show then honored their five winners this week. Wheel of Fortune‘s theme this week was “Inns of New England.”

The post features all five winners: Alyson, Kathy, Christian, Devin and Toni. Two of the contestants took home Nissan Rogues, thanks to a partnership from Wheel of Fortune. For Toni and Kathy, the women nabbed $38,000 in bonus round money.

However, Devin got arguably the best deal of the bunch with his win. The man walked away $45,000 richer after solving his puzzle on the May 13th episode of Wheel of Fortune.