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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Final Puzzle in Shocking Time to Win a Major Cash Prize

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

The final round of Wheel of Fortune is always a nail-biting one. With only seconds to solve the puzzle, so much rides on choosing the right letters and category. For some contestants, this costs them their chance at extra thousands of dollars—or even a new car. For others, though, it seems the stars align just right and they double or even triple the amount of money they won in the standard rounds. Even though there are only two outcomes to the final round–either a correct or incorrect guess–each time is as captivating as the last since the stakes are so much higher.

Contestant Correctly Answers ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Bonus Puzzle

In a January episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestant Yonit Kovnator joined host Pat Sajak for the bonus round with $27,500 earned from the previous puzzles. Kovnator shared with Sajak that she is a Special Education attorney for a school district, loves writing, and just had a birthday on New Year’s Day. Before she spins for her extra cash, she chooses the popular bonus category, “What Are You Doing?”

As usual, Sajak gave the letters R S T L N E to Kovnator before she offered her additional three consonants and one vowel to be used in the puzzle. The resulting answer had only four letters missing as the clock counted down from ten.

Instantly, Kovnator filled in those blank spaces and shouted her answer, “Making it happen.” And she, indeed, made her victory happen with the correct answer.

Wheel of Fortune’s host opened the envelope the contestant previously picked from the mini wheel and revealed her bonus prize of $38,000, bringing her total winnings to $65,500. Of course, Kovnator was too ecstatic for little more than a few gasps of disbelief.

Some Victories Astound Game Show’s Host

While Yonit Kovnator’s victory on Wheel of Fortune seemed to shock her more than the host, other contestants manage to impress Pat Sajak with their bonus round guesses.

In an episode of the game show in February 2020, contestant Jessie Rebhan had a “daunting” puzzle ahead of her, as Sajak commented.

With three words and only the letters N C E R revealed, the “What Are You Doing?” puzzle seemed next to impossible—that is, for everyone but Rebhan.

The Miami teacher stared at the nine remaining blank spaces in the puzzle before quickly guessing, “Buying a juicer.”

While Rebhan paces in excitement, Sajak jokingly exclaims, “I don’t understand this game,” and reveals the contestant’s extra $37,000 worth of winnings. Rebhan walked away with a total of $52,328 and a trip to Barbados.

Off-camera, Sajak continues to express his disbelief as Rebhan celebrates with her loved one.