‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Fitting Puzzle To Win Brand New Car

by Jonathan Howard

Each week contestants play for a chance at big prizes on Wheel of Fortune. The luckiest get to take on the bonus round for a big prize. Always one to cheer on the players on the show, Pat Sajak is fun to watch in the bonus round as well. Vanna White does her own small celebration for the contestants as well. Jeana made her way to the last round and took down the challenging puzzle.

It can be frustrating to see a contestant make it to the end of the game and lose out on the big prize. However, the first six letters R-S-T-L-N-E gave Jeana a good start. The puzzle contained three words, 18-letters. The gimmes gave her seven letters. Her letters H-K-D-A gave her a fighting chance once Vanna stepped away and it was all up to her to solve.

Five more letters went up on the board. With just 10 seconds to solve the puzzle, she only needed half a second. “TAKING THE BOULEVARD” she announced as the puzzle lit up with the correct answer. Then, Sajak revealed she had won a Ford Escape Hybrid! Now she can drive her new car down the boulevard. That isn’t a bad prize for solving a puzzle. Not to mention the $63,925 she took home. Only on Wheel of Fortune.

‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak’s Dressing Room

Over the years, Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been the mainstays of Wheel of Fortune. However, until recently there was never a look at Sajak’s dressing room. Thanks to his daughter, Maggie, fans finally got a peek behind the scenes where the host spends his downtime. She shared a video and brought fans in after a careful knock on the door.

“Today, I’m going to try to give us an insider’s look into the host’s dressing room. He doesn’t usually let cameras inside, but hopefully, he’ll make an exception for me,” Maggie said.

Of course, the next question is, ‘What is in Pat’s dressing room?’ After the knock, the Wheel of Fortune host goes into a sarcastic rant from behind the door. He complains about being bothered and then the color of the m&ms in his candy bowl. He wants red and apparently doesn’t have them. Once the joking was over, Maggie and the cameraman made their way into the room.

It looks like a nice, large dressing room. One fit for a host that has been with the network so long. A nice large couch, with a Dodgers jersey hung above it. There was the obvious hair and makeup station and a bunch of other items that Sajak needs to get ready for the show. The host got to show off his photos of his kids, but for the most part, the room was standard and not very exciting.