‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Puzzle At the Last Second To Win Large Payday

by John Jamison

“Wheel of Fortune” is a double-edged sword. For all of the hilarious missteps and heartbreaking losses we’ve seen on the show, there are just as many glorious victories. And while recent contestant Kathy didn’t win the biggest prize we’ve ever seen, she finished her bonus round in dramatic fashion.

And her performance wasn’t just dramatic. It also earned her some high praise from longtime host Pat Sajak. Rest assured, that’s a guy who has seen it all when it comes to “Wheel of Fortune.” So if he likes the way you play, you’re doing something right.

Before the bonus round even started, he complimented Kathy on her style.

“Well, I know some of us are having a very good night here. Kathy, I love the way you play, you’re very business-like. You look at that- you don’t take your eye off that puzzle board,” the longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host said before asking Kathy to spin the wheel.

The category Kathy had to contend with in the bonus round was “Phrase.” And while she didn’t hit many of the correct letters with her four consonants (including a wildcard) and one vowel, she did just enough to give herself a chance.

Her “H” guess cemented the word “The” as the beginning of the phrase. And her choice of “A” helped her with the second word. But she didn’t have much else going for her, and the phrase was unclear. Kathy used pretty much all of her 10 seconds to mull it over, leaving herself just enough time for two guesses.

“The part is over,” Kathy said as the clock wound down. No joy. She immediately followed it up with, “The wait is over.”

“It sure is,” Sajak said, confirming the correct answer. “I told you she was methodical.”

Kathy Wins Big on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

In the grand scheme of “Wheel of Fortune” prizes, a $38,000 bonus round isn’t the craziest thing ever. But it’s a pretty huge deal for thirty minutes of puzzle solving. And that’s the amount of money Pat Sajak revealed as he opened up Kathy’s bonus round envelope.

Somehow, it seems like these “Wheel of Fortune” bonus round phrases have a way of being appropriate for the situation. “And the wait is over,” Sajak said, congratulating Kathy on her big win.

When it was all said and done, between her earnings from earlier on in the show and the bonus round, Kathy walked away with $53,900.