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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Puzzle with the ‘Same Letters’ in Latest Clip

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

On Monday night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, one contestant flew through the opening round to solve the puzzle and earn a Wild Card.

As tonight’s game kicked off, contestant Jade came out hot as she took the early lead against her fellow competitors. The contestants were looking for a three-word answer under the ‘SAME LETTER’ category. After spinning the wheel, she landed on $500, which had a Wild Card attached to it.

Jade picked the letter ‘S’ as hostess Vanna White revealed five of them on the game board. Jade had already earned $2,500 and a Wild Card with her first spin. Next, she spun the wheel and landed on $550. Jade then selected a ‘D’ as her next letter and host Pat Sajak let her know she was onto something.

“I have a hunch that could be the ‘SAME LETTER,'” Sajak said to Jade. “Yea, it is, three of them. And you’ll get an extra thousand dollars.”

As the three same letters were revealed at the beginning of each word, Jade already knew the answer. She chose to solve the puzzle as she said “Delicious Dessert Dishes” aloud, and Sajak noted the correct answer to her delight.

“Yes, that’s it,” Sajak confirmed. “So, you got a Wild Card, you have $4,900. Good round for you, congratulations!”

“Can you guess the same letter?” Wheel of Fortune captioned the post.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Speeds Through Tough Puzzle To Win a Trip to Antigua

On Thursday, a Wheel of Fortune contestant made quick work of the Prize Puzzle Round to take home a bundle of cash plus and an exotic vacation. Contestant Andrew started the round as host Pat Sajak revealed the category to be a ‘PLACE’. The puzzle consisted of three words and 20 letters, and it didn’t exactly look like a cakewalk. Yet Andrew went to work and made the puzzle look easy.

The Wheel of Fortune player hit $500 on his first spin. He chose ‘D’ and banked $1,500 after hostess Vanna White revealed three of the letters. On his next spin, Andrew landed on the enormous $3,500 tile and chose an ‘N’. White turned over three more letters, which increased his total to $12,000 in only his first two spins.

Additionally, he purchased two vowels that uncovered two ‘A’s’ and two ‘E’s’. Andrew told Sajak he wanted to solve the puzzle, even though 10 letters remained blank on the puzzle. “A Splendid Destination,” he said out loud before the celebrations began.

“Andrew has a cab double-parked outside apparently,” Sajak amusingly said since Andrew solved the puzzle so fast.

“Wow, $11,500, which does not include your trip to the island of Antigua!” the host informed the excited contestant.