‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Surfing Themed Puzzle to Win Caribbean Vacation

by Keeli Parkey

Contestants on “Wheel of Fortune” can win some pretty awesome prizes. In addition to cash, the show often awards contestants with trips to places across the globe.

During a recent episode of the popular game show, a contestant named Grace won a trip to a tropical destination. To do so, she solved a surf-themed puzzle.

Grace got lucky while spinning the famous wheel and she landed on the $1,000 Express Wedge. This allowed her to guess multiple letters without having to spin the wheel again. The contestant had $450 in the bank at the time.

“The train’s coming back,” “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak excitedly said after Grace landed on Express. “Let’s call a letter first.”

She guessed the letter “N.” There were three of them in the puzzle, which gave her an additional $3,000. Next she guessed the letter “F,” then “M,” and then “G.”

This left Grace with a puzzle to solved that looked like this: “E_RLY M_RN_NG S_RF LESS_N.” The category was Fun and Games.

“I suppose you want to solve it now, huh?” Sajak then asked her. Of course, she did. “I’d like to solve.”

And solve it she did. The answer was: “EARLY MORNING SURF LESSON.”

“You got it, wow!” the “Wheel of Fortune” host said. Unsurprisingly, Grace was all smiles after solving the puzzle. Things got even better when Sajak told her she had just won a trip to the Caribbean.

“On the island of Saint Maarten, no less,” he told her. “Oh, my gosh!” the very happy contestant then exclaimed.

Grace’s prize for solving this puzzle correctly was a trip to the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten. Needless to say, she was excited about her prize.

You can watch Grace win her trip to Saint Maarten below. The show posted footage of her winning the trip to its Twitter account.

Other ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants Recently Won Trips During Appearances on the Show

Contestant Grace is not the only contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” who will be packing their bags in the near future.

Last week, a contestant named Curtis used the Express Wedge to solve a puzzle and – even better – win a vacation. He used the Express to win money by pretty much filling up the board. Thanks to his efforts, he was left with a pretty simple solution to the puzzle.

After guessing the letters, the board read: “I NEVER TH__GHT I’D SEE THE DAY.” Unsurprisingly, Curtis guessed the solution, which was “I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SEE THE DAY.”

Thanks to his work, he was awarded with a trip to Iceland. These are not the only trips “Wheel of Fortune” has awarded recently. Another contestant also won a trip to Italy, while another scored a vacation to Costa Rica.

It really makes you want to go find out how you can be a contestant on the show, doesn’t it?