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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Tough Puzzle To Take Home Tremendous Payday

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

On Tuesday night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, a contestant made easy work of a tough final puzzle in the Bonus Round on her way to huge winnings.

Contestant Jordi entered the Bonus Round with a Wild Card, but had her hands full with the final puzzle. The puzzle was a four-word phrase, which included 14 letters with only four revealed. Jordi chose the letters “M, D, C, and O” as her three consonants and one vowel. In addition, her Wild Card gave her an extra consonant, so she picked an “H.”

As hostess Vanna White walked to the game board, an additional five letters were revealed. Jordi now had nine of the 14 letters to work with, significantly improving her chances at decoding the puzzle. With 10 seconds to guess the final puzzle, the contestant said aloud “FROM DUSK TO DAWN” and won big.

As host Pat Sajak unveiled her winnings, Jordi earned an extra $38,000 to her previous total. Her combined winnings on the game show came to $63,462. An impressive run for Jordi on Wheel of Fortune indeed.

“Jordi took the Wild Card to the Bonus Round and … well, see for yourself!” Wheel of Fortune tweeted.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins Sports Car and Huge Cash Prize

Wheel of Fortune contestants are on a roll this week. Last night, contestant Tyler Wentworth also took home massive winnings after the Bonus Round on the game show.

The Davenport, Iowa native, won big during the Memorial Day episode. The game show’s Twitter account once again posted a clip of the contestant’s final round performance. As always, Wheel of Fortune gave him the letters “RSTLNE.” He went on to choose the letters “H, D, G, and O” to add to the two-word event.

The 14-letter answer originally showed only four letters. After White added his guessed letters, Tyler still only had six revealed of the 14. After first guessing “CHARITY FUNCTION” incorrectly, he tried again. This time he was on the mark with his final answer of “CHARITY AUCTION.”

As Sajak opened the card Tyler selected for his grand prize, he won a brand new blue Chevy Camaro sports car. Adding the car’s $29,780 price tag to his already won $26,400 in cash, Tyler walked away with $56,180 in total prizes.

“WHOA! Check out Tyler’s new wheels,” Wheel of Fortune‘s Twitter account wrote.