‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Tricky Puzzle At the Buzzer To Win a New Car

by Jonathan Howard

Contestants solving puzzles and winning prizes on Wheel of Fortune never gets old. That’s why it is one of America’s favorite gameshows. Pat Sajak and Vanna White make for the best duo on gameshow TV as well. So, there are tons of great clips showing off the best of the game and the people who play it!

Recently over on Twitter, the Wheel of Fortune page shared a new video. Tajj had made it to the bonus round. That means he had won the game and was playing for more. Sometimes contestants win big money during this round, other times they win cars and other prizes. However, they must solve the puzzle first.

Each time a contestant makes the bonus round they are given five letters. R-S-T-L-N-E. After those letters are revealed on the board, they call out three more consonants and a vowel. So, with all the pressure on his shoulders, Tajj made the best of his situation. Watch.

So, he chose C-G-P-O as his four letters. Each of those came up on the board and helped fill in the puzzle. Most of the first word had been filled in and each of the following words were scattered with letters. After some stumbling on whether the second word was “on” or “in”, Tajj connected the dots and answered the puzzle with just seconds to spare.

“Gophers in the backyard!” With that declaration, the young contestant earned himself a Ford Escape Hybrid and $61,145 in money and prizes. Not a bad reward for a half-hour of work on Wheel of Fortune.

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Season Two

After years of being just one-off specials, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune got a full dedicated season last year. Now, season two is coming to your televisions to bring more celebrity guests and contestants. It is the same rules with celebrities from movie stars to musicians and more. Plus, there is an hour of the show with the celebrity version. So, fans will enjoy the extra Wheel.

In an Instagram post, Wheel of Fortune promised “Double the stars, double the fun, and double the surprises,” and featured a number of stars that fans are sure to enjoy! Karl-Anthony Towns, Vanilla Ice, Haley Joel Osment, Raven-Symone, and more will be featured in the season. However, September also means the return of the regular Wheel of Fortune series. Season 39 will be the same Wheel everyone knows and loves.