‘Wheel of Fortune’: Contestant Solves a ‘Whale’ of a Puzzle to Score Trip to Tropical Destination

by Quentin Blount

At this point, it seems like almost every day a Wheel of Fortune contestant is going home with a luxurious vacation.

That was the case yet again on Friday night. It was another day, and another Wheel of Fortune contestant hopped on the Express Wedge and won a tropical vacation. But before the contestant tries his luck, Sajak explained to him just how the Express Wedge works.

“So if you do the express, you keep calling consonants, you get a thousand for each one, you can buy a vowel,” he says. “But if you miss any letter it’s a bankrupt. Are you going to do this, Cody?”

“Let’s do it,” the contestant replied.

Cody starts by buying a vowel — an “E” to be specific. To his pleasure, there were three of them. He then buys another vowel. This time it’s an “A.” There were two of those. It was consonants from there on out. Next up, Cody selects “W,” “L,” “P,” and “X.” By that point, he had filled in the letters to the entire puzzle. At that moment, Sajak hilariously offers up his advice.

“I think now would be a good time to solve,” Sajak laughed.

“Whale-watching expedition,” Cody says as he correctly solves the puzzle. In doing so, he also won himself a vacation to the tropical country of Mexico. The official Wheel of Fortune Instagram account posted footage of Cody and his big moment after the conclusion of the episode.

“Cody Hops on the Express Wedge,” Wheel of Fortune posted. “Did anybody hear that? It sounds like Cody is hopping on the Express Wedge to Mexico!”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Gives Away Yet Another Vacation

On Friday’s episode, it was Cody who walked away with a trip to Mexico thanks to him riding the Express Wedge. However, Cody isn’t the first Wheel of Fortune contestant — and most certainly won’t be the last — to win a luxurious getaway. As a matter of fact, the popular game show sent multiple people home with vacation packages just last month.

There were back-to-back episodes in June that ended in a similar fashion. Contestants Curtis and Mackenzie each attempted the Prize Puzzle and the Express Wedge. And they both were successful. Curtis won himself a trip to Iceland, and Mackenzie won herself a trip to the tropical country of Costa Rica. Of course, both contestants were all smiles after their big wins.

At this point, Wheel of Fortune fans can almost expect the show to give away beautiful vacations by the episode. If you are looking for more Wheel of Fortune news and updates, you’re in the right place. Keep reading right here on Outsider.