‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Speeds Through Puzzle Before Solving To Win New Car

by John Jamison

These days, it seems like contestants are walking away from “Wheel of Fortune” with veritable fortunes on a nightly basis. For example, Alyson, a contestant on the most recent episode, is the latest in a long line of big winners. The lucky contestant breezed through the bonus round puzzle to earn herself a brand new Nissan Rogue.

Not a bad day at Pat Sajak’s office. But how did she do it? Well, Alyson put on a clinic. She systematically destroyed her final puzzle. The category was “What are you doing?” and she didn’t have to think about her letter selection for a second.

“So let’s get three more consonants and one more vowel,” Sajak said after the incomplete phrase was revealed.

Alyson wasted no time at all and quickly called out “C, D, G, and A.” She said the letters so confidently that there was no doubt about who was in control. The bonus round puzzle was shaking in its boots, staring down the barrel of a determined Alyson.

“You want to think about that some?” The “Wheel of Fortune” host joked. “Apparently, she rehearsed those in her sleep last night.”

Yes, Pat. That’s exactly what she did. And the preparation paid off in a major way. Her letter selection was absolutely perfect. Every single one of her choices helped paint the picture. By the time Vanna got done revealing letters, the puzzle’s fate was sealed.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Was Speechless After Winning Big

“Avoiding the crowds,” Alyson said deliberately.

Bells rang out, Vanna cheered approvingly, and a monument to Alyson was erected in honor of her decisive victory. Okay, that last part isn’t true, but the excitement was palpable as Pat Sajak confirmed that she hit the correct answer.

“Yeah, she knew ahead of time what she was going to do, and it all worked out,” Sajak said. Then, finally, the moment Alyson had waited for with bated breath arrived. The longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host opened up the envelope to reveal her prize.

“And now, she’s driving home in a Rogue,” Sajak announced. All Alyson could do was clap and whoop in excitement. “There she goes,” Sajak added as she made her way over to the brand new car.

Because of her impressive performance, Alyson left the show with cash and prizes valued at $55,825. Big-time stuff for a big-time player.