‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Speeds Through Tough Puzzle To Win a Trip to Antigua

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

During the Prize Puzzle Round on Thursday night, one Wheel of Fortune contestant flew through the puzzle to earn a ton of cash and an amazing trip.

Andrew began the round as host Pat Sajak shared that the puzzle’s answer was a place. The three-word, 20-letter puzzle looked like it could give the players some trouble. However, as Andrew began the round, he made easy work of it.

He took the first spin and landed on $500. Three “D’s” later he was off to a good start with $1,500 banked. Next, Andrew spun the wheel as it stopped on the whopping $3,500 tile and selected “N.” Hostess Vanna White revealed three more letters, which brought his total up to $12,000 in just two spins. After buying two vowels that revealed two “A’s” and two “E’s”, the contestant already knew the answer.

With half the board still blank since 10 letters weren’t turned, Andrew said he’d like to solve the puzzle. “A Splendid Destination,” he said aloud before celebrating when Sajak confirmed his answer as correct.

“Andrew has a cab double-parked outside apparently,” Sajak joked since the contestant solved the puzzle so quickly.

“Wow, $11,500, which does not include your trip to the island of Antigua!” the host informed the excited contestant.

Not All ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Trips Are Created Equal

A couple months ago, Wheel of Fortune viewers were confused when a contestant won a vacation to an underwhelming destination.

The game show frequently gives away trips to exotic places as prizes. But that’s not always the case evidently as one contestant can attest to. Dan from Redondo Beach, California successfully answered Wheel of Fortune‘s first-round puzzle. When he did, host Pat Sajak informed him that he had won a surprise trip…to Connecticut.

After Dan took the round, his card revealed a trip to Connecticut’s Madison Beach Hotel. The $400 a night hotel includes amenities like fine dining options, a spa, and beach access. The vacation is supposedly worth $7,000, but the look on Dan’s face couldn’t hide at least a slight amount of disappointment in the anticlimactic location.

Thankfully the contestant had a great all-around Wheel of Fortune performance. In addition to the trip, Dan also solved the final puzzle. That added an extra $38,000 on top of his $17,250 already won. His final total equaled $55,250, which is solid for any contestant on the game show.

Yet some Wheel of Fortune fans couldn’t help themselves and took to Twitter to make fun of the trip’s destination. One Twitter user seemed to know Madison, Connecticut well, and warned the contestant he may be disappointed in his vacation.

“Bro one of the prizes on Wheel of Fortune is a 7k trip to CT. To Madison. Mans about to be hella disappointed,” the fan hilariously wrote on Twitter.

Wheel of Fortune just had a $7,000 trip to Madison, Connecticut. I’m dead,” another fan tweeted.

Unfortunately not every Wheel of Fortune trip giveaway can be to a tropical paradise.