‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Takes a Big Gamble and It Pays Off with $10K

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

On Thursday night, a Wheel of Fortune contestant took a chance on the mystery wedge and it ended up paying off big when she banked $10,000.

You don’t see this often on the popular game show, but a contestant named Brett landed on the mystery wedge first and passed on it. Brett landed on the $1,000 mystery card and chose the letter “L.” Since there were two of the letters, he banked $2,000, but he had a choice to make. The contestant could keep his $2,000 or risk it for the mystery prize.

Yet there’s a catch. The mystery wedge will earn you $10,000, or on the other hand you could go bankrupt. Per his wife’s suggestion, Brett kept the $2,000 and passed on the mystery wedge to everyone’s dismay. An amusing exchange between host Pat Sajak and the contestant ensued.

“My wife would kill me. I’m gonna pass on it,” Brett said to Sajak.

“Wait, she will kill you because you’re gonna pass?” Sajak asked him.

“No, she has told me to pass on it,” Brett responded as everyone shared a laugh. “I have strict orders.”

“So in other words, you don’t want to be killed,” Sajak joked.

“I do not want to be killed. Smart man, I’ve been married 25 years,” Brett hilariously answered.

However, Brett passing on the mystery wedge opened the door for contestant Rachel. She also landed on the mystery wedge and decided to go for it. Sure enough, when Rachel turned the wedge over, she earned herself and a fan at home an extra $10,000.

“Who Will Pick Up the Mystery Wedge—Brett or Rachel?” Wheel of Fortune wrote on Instagram. “Rachel killed it—and won $10k! That means someone at home won, too! Check your SPIN ID at WheelOfFortune.com to see if it was you!”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Shares Story of Meeting Vanna White at the Grocery Store

On Tuesday’s episode of the popular game show, contestant Chele opened up about her chance encounter with Wheel of Fortune hostess Vanna White. Out of all places, she met White in passing in the checkout line at the grocery store. In fact, she credits the meeting for motivating her to try to get on the game show.

Chele said she was standing in line at the store and noticed a Wheel of Fortune magazine cover. Since she had already been thinking about trying out for the show, what happened next was a sign from above. As she looked at the magazine, she heard the cashier say “Hi, Vanna.” Sure enough, Vanna White was standing right in front of her and she hadn’t even noticed.

“Can you imagine meeting @officialvannawhite … at the grocery store?” Wheel of Fortune asked its Instagram followers.

“Well, I was thinking about trying out for Wheel,” Chele explained. “I’m deep in thought in line at the grocery store. I look over, see a magazine about Wheel, and I thought, ‘It’s a sign.’ Then I hear the checker go, ‘Hi, Vanna.’ Vanna White is right in front of me!”

“That’s it, I’m trying out,” the contestant concluded.