‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Win a Car with Last-Second Solve in Bonus Round

by Will Shepard

One of the best parts of watching Wheel of Fortune episodes unfold is seeing the jubilation of winning contestants. During a recent episode of the game show, one contestant walked away with a big prize.

The game show posted a clip of the Bonus Round win to its social media page for people to enjoy. However, it wasn’t a simple and straightforward win for the contestant. Instead, he had to work hard for the win. Arguably more impressive, though, was how it came down to the wire for him.

During the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round, Sajak began by saying, “Your turn to go to work.” The board already had six letters on the possible 20 open spaces. Even though it was a start, there was certainly still a lot left to go.

Sajak said, “Three more consonants, one more vowel.” So, the contestant, Tajj, guess “C, G, P, O.” All the while, the game show host counted off the number of letters he had left to choose.

“Well, all the letters are in the puzzle, so that’ll give you some hope,” the Wheel of Fortune host said. At which, Tajj looked relieved. But, as Vanna White walked across touching letters, only four dings were heard.

Nonetheless, Sajak carried on, “All right. Living things, you have ten seconds to tell us what’s up there. Good luck.” Tajj began his thought process out loud.

“Gophers on the …” he paused and repeated the start of the puzzle. In all fairness, there were only two letters solved in the last word that had eight total in it. But he kept thinking about it. All of a sudden, he confidently shouted, “Gophers in the backyard!”

The Wheel of Fortune host was gleeful, shouting, “There you go!” Then, he opened the winning card and nonchalantly told Tajj that he had won a car. What an exciting Bonus Round for the contestant and the audience watching.

A Monumental “Wheel of Fortune” Gaffe Leads to an All-Time Classic Moment

During a 2020 episode of Wheel of Fortune, there was a noticeable mishap. The contestant, Alex Lisenko, was feeling really good about his game show ability. He had just solved a puzzle and had built a solid lead of $7,500 over the other contestants.

However, in the last round of the game show, the phrase had 16 letters. When it came to Alex’s turn, he was beaming, certainly brimming with confidence.

The board read, “D_CL_RING _ICT_R_.” He guessed a “Y,” and the board reflected his choice with one. At that, Sajak began to chuckle to himself.

After he was given the “Y,” the Wheel of Fortune contestant said, “I’m ‘declaring victory.’” As he said that, he threw his arms up over his head in a victory salute.

But, the buzzer indicating that his time was up sounded, and Sajak moved onto the next contestant. Lisenko stood in his spot in sheer disbelief. Amanda, the next contestant, however, didn’t waste any time. She immediately asked for a “V.” Afterward, she solved the puzzle, “declaring victory.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” Sajak said. “There you go.”

Lisenko was still standing where Sajak had left him. He was dumbfounded. Eventually, he realized that he had added the word “I’m” at the start of the puzzle.

If you’re a die-hard Wheel of Fortune fan, you’ll know that is one of the worst gaffes you can make. It is similar to answering a Jeopardy! question without stating the question demarcation first.