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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Shares Contestants ‘Doing Dad Stuff’ in Hilarious Father’s Day Clip

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

On Sunday morning, the Wheel of Fortune Twitter account posted a hilarious video of host Pat Sajak bonding with all the guys on the game show last week for Father’s Day.

It was Father’s Day Week on Wheel of Fortune, and so dads took over the game show all week. Every contestant who competed was a father during the each of the five episodes. The Father’s Day-themed week celebrated all the dads out there leading up to the June 20th holiday.

The Wheel of Fortune host admitted during the week he isn’t used to having all males on the game show. But he seemed to be having fun with all the men on the show throughout the week. The show’s social media team put together a montage of Sajak amusingly relating to the male contestants each episode.

“We were just talking about drywall just before the show,” Sajak says in one show.

“Just before the show the four of us were comparing tackle boxes. You should’ve been here,” he said on another.

“The four of us were throwing a chainsaw back and forth,” the Wheel of Fortune host said.

“We’re going to go out and chop some wood, maybe build us a cabinet,” Sajak joked.

The game show certainly seemed to have fun last week during their Father’s Day celebrations. And their Twitter account made sure to mark the occasion.

“Just some dads bonding over dad stuff. Happy Father’s Day!”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Shares Some Dad Jokes Leading up To Father’s Day

Leading up to Father’s Day earlier this month, Wheel of Fortune had host Pat Sajak join his daughter, Maggie, for another hysterical clip where he shared some awful dad jokes. While dad jokes might not be for everyone, you’ve got to admit they can be somewhat endearing.

Therefore Pat and Maggie Sajak got together to share a couple of dad joke gems with the Wheel of Fortune fans. Maggie helped set her dad up as the veteran host took care of the rest. While you may roll your eyes at the jokes, surely you’ll appreciate just how bad and good they are at the same time.

“This just in. A bus carrying prisoners back to the penitentiary has collided with a cement truck. The public has been warned to look out for hardened criminals,” Sajak said as crickets chirped in the background.

A bit later in the Father’s Day Week video, the Sajak family came back strong with another dad joke.

“So this guy walks into a library and says, ‘I’d like to order a hamburger.’ The librarian said, ‘Sir, this is a library.’ And he said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I’d like to order a hamburger,’” Sajak whispered.

At least we know the longtime host of Wheel of Fortune won’t be quitting his day job anytime soon.