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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Drew Carey is ‘Ashamed’ of His Final Round Performance During 2021 ‘Celebrity’ Episode

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is always a lot of fun for people to watch. The contestants don’t play to win money for themselves, instead, they play for a charity of their choosing.

So, when Drew Carey joined the show in mid-January, he played for a food bank in Cleveland. During the final round, he was tasked with solving a two-word puzzle that would prove difficult. However, he was certainly going to give it his best shot.

“Show Biz,” Sajak said, “That’s the category you chose while waving your fingers wildly. R, S, T, L, N, E, we’ll start you with those letters.”

The board only chimed four times. As Vanna White walked across the stage ticking the boxes, it was apparent how much work was left. There were thirteen blank spaces open for Drew Carey to choose from.

Sajak clarified Carey’s situation for him, “All right. No help from anyone in the studio, including your cohorts here, as you pick three more consonants and one more vowel.”

The celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestant dove right in. He asked for “P, D,” and an “M.” Sajak told him to choose a vowel. So, the bearded celebrity guest chose an “A.”

Sajak repeated the letters that Carey chose and then waited to see what the board would show for him. The board only chimed five times before it stopped.

Drew Carey Struggled to Solve a Puzzle in the Final Round of “Wheel of Fortune”

Consequently, Sajak let out an ominous “Ahh.” But, he quickly said, “I feel good about this.” And then he reminded Carey what the category was, “It’s ‘Show Biz.'”

The ten seconds began for Carey to figure the puzzle out. Immediately, he thought that the first word was “Prediction.” But, he was struggling to figure out the second word. He was working with “_ _ MPAN _.” As time ticked away quickly, he couldn’t make any progress on the second word. Drew Carey was certainly annoyed with himself that he couldn’t get the answer. He even exclaimed, “Ahh, darn it,” when time expired.

The Wheel of Fortune host repeated the category name as the board slowly revealed the missing letters. Eventually, the board spelled out the two words, and Carey said them out loud, “Production company.”

Sajak began to speak, but Drew Carey cut him off, “Prediction company, what’s that?” The host and the audience laughed. Then Sajak said, “It’s funny. When you get a word in your head in that ten seconds, it’s very hard to get it out and move to another one.”

Carey agreed with him, “It’s also funny how you cross your arms and to just – all your body language gives you away when you’re ashamed of something you did.” The audience and other celebrity contestants howled with laughter as he said that.

“No, no. Ashamed!?” Sajak questioned. He then said, “$36,350 for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.” That is an impressive amount of money raised for a good cause. The Wheel of Fortune host told him that he had done a marvelous job.

But, Sajak had to open the card to show him what he could have won. The game show host explained that he doesn’t like doing that. Nonetheless, the card showed that he would have won $75,000. Carey groaned in obvious frustration.

Sajak said, “I know. That seemed almost cruel.” But, Carey had already won a lot of money for the food bank and should certainly be happy with that. As Sajak thanked his co-host, Carey chimed in and said, “Thanks for nothing, Vanna.”