‘Wheel of Fortune’: Everything to Know About Pat Sajak’s Time Spent Serving in Military

by Emily Morgan

Pat Sajak has held the title of many different jobs throughout his life. Before being the leading man on “Wheel of Fortune,” Sajak was a weatherman, talk show host, and DJ. In addition, he also took on one of the most important jobs of all— serving our country in the military.

Even though he’s been on “Wheel of Fortune” for decades, some of his fans may not know that Sajak was a member of the Army during the Vietnam War. He signed up for the Army in 1968.

Since the Vietnam War was in full swing, Pat Sajak didn’t have to serve on the frontlines. Instead, he worked as a disc jockey on Armed Forces Radio. He later transferred to Saigon to work on the radio.

Little did he know, Pat Sajak’s role in the Army would help him gain valuable experience as an entertainer. However, after serving, Sajak confessed that he felt guily about having such an easy gig.

“I used to feel a bit guilty about my relatively soft duty. After all, I was billeted in a hotel and there were plenty of nice restaurants around,” Sajak said. “I always felt a little better when I met guys who came into town from the field and thanked us for bringing them a little bit of home. I always thought it strange that they should be thanking me, given what so many of them were going through on a daily basis.

Since serving, Sajak maintained a high degree of respect for veterans. He’s also stated that veterans should receive more respect than they currently do.

Pat Sajak on Our Veterans: ‘We Should Be Proud Them

“When our troops returned home from war, many were greeted with insults, not cheer. And all too often were portrayed in the media and in Hollywood films as drug addicts, misfits, perpetrators of atrocities, and losers. The reality is that the Vietnam Veterans compiled an outstanding record of courage, service, and patriotism. They should be proud of their record and we should be proud of them.”

When it comes to including service members on “Wheel of Fortune,” Pat Sajak takes much pride in featuring them and their families on the show.

“In terms of ratings and audience feedback, our viewers seem to enjoy and appreciate that fact, said Sajak. “As a Vietnam vet, I’m especially gratified to see a change in the way veterans of that war are perceived and appreciated.”