‘Wheel of Fortune’ Extends Pat Sajak and Vanna White Through 2024

by Quentin Blount

We’ve got some great news for all of you loyal Wheel of Fortune fans out there. Pat Sajak and Vanna White have had their contracts extended through 2024.

Together, Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been the stars of Wheel of Fortune for 40 years. Sajak has been hosting the popular game show since 1981. And Vanna White, the co-hostess and letter-turner, is right behind him. She officially joined Sajak on the show in 1982. Ever since then, it’s hard to argue that there has been a more dynamic duo on gameshow television, or perhaps just television in general.

However, there have been some questions recently floating around in the game show industry. Wheel of Fortune fans were left to wonder what the future held for Sajak, 74, and White, 64. But we can rest easy at night knowing now that both of the stars are locked in through the 2023-2024 season. Deadline was the first to report on the new deal.

The news definitely comes as a relief to all of us. As Wheel of Fortune heads into its 39th season, they will have the luxury of continued stability. That’s something that fellow game show Jeopardy! can’t say. They are still searching for a new host to be the successor to the great Alex Trebek. Mike Richards was originally penciled in to become the permanent Jeopardy! host but was fired after just one day of filming. That stemmed from offensive comments he had made in the past.

A New Deal and a New Look for ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Of course, the big news here is that Pat Sajak and Vanna White are sticking around for at least another three years. But there are some pretty cool details in the new deal that will change the way Wheel of Fortune is played.

Starting off with Pat Sajak, in addition to being the show’s host, he will now also have some producer responsibilities. And Wheel of Fortune announcer Jim Thornton will have more of an on-screen role in the new season. At the start of each episode, we will see Thornton on stage as he introduces Sajak and White.

Another familiar face is Maggie Sajak, Pat Sajak’s daughter. She will be officially joining the show as the social correspondent on all of the Wheel of Fortune accounts.

And finally, Sajak will no longer be conducting the “Final Spin” of the game.

“If you think about it, by doing the ‘final spin’ I, as host, had an impact on the outcome of the game and that has always bothered me because it just didn’t feel right,” Sajak said of the change. “With this change, only the contestants determine the outcome of the game and the host does not impose themself in any way.”