‘Wheel of Fortune’: Here’s What Pat Sajak Considers the ‘Most Amazing Solve’ Ever on the Show

by Madison Miller

Sometimes a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant will have such an incredible correct guess for a puzzle, viewers at home almost think they’re cheating. It’s almost as if Pat Sajak must have quickly leaned in and provided the answer when no one was looking.

Over the decades the show has been on, there have been some pretty miraculous moments. Sometimes the right answer just seems to click with a contestant, even if viewers, as well as Pat Sajak and Vanna White, are left shocked.

Sajak still recalls what he considers the “most amazing solve” to ever happen on “Wheel of Fortune.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, it was from a show in 2014. The contestant, Emil De Leon, answered a puzzle and left everyone on stage visibly stunned.

De Leon was solving the puzzle for the bonus round of the show. After being provided with the typical six letters contestants always get, De Leon then chose his own. He picked “H,” “M,” “D,” and “O.”

Unfortunately, none of these letters were in the puzzle. However, with only the first two letters and two entirely blank words, he was able to successfully guess the puzzle. The answer was “New Baby Buggy.” Pat Sajak was visibly stunned while the contestant was busy freaking out in celebration.

In a hilarious moment, Sajak begins to pretend to pat down De Leon looking for a stashed away answer to the final puzzle. He ended up earning $63,099 during his time on the show. The fact that the amazing answer was worth $45,000 on its own made the situation that much more exciting.

Legend says Pat Sajak is still stunned.

Other Memorable ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Moments

This isn’t the first seemingly miraculous moment to happen on the “Wheel of Fortune” stage. Recently, a contestant walked away from the show with a brand new house. It was the first time someone got that kind of prize from the show.

Others have even walked away with over $1 million in earnings.

A contestant from 2016 didn’t walk away with an extreme amount of money or an elaborate prize, but he did wow viewers with his ability to solve difficult puzzles. He showed viewers that all he needed was a single letter to solve a puzzle and strut off the stage with a small fortune.

The contestant was Robert Santoli from a 2016 episode of “Wheel of Fortune.” He was standing in front of a 14-letter puzzle, “Port & Starboard” with a single letter to help him. By the end of the night, he had won $76,000 as well as two cruises.

It turns out it wasn’t pure luck, either. “The instant I got my theme, I immediately came up with an ever-growing list of puzzles themed towards cruises, sailing, fish, boats – anything on or in the water,” Santoli told his local online newspaper TAPinto.

He absolutely dominated the show. Santoli won all the puzzles except for one. For the other contestants eager to be on “Wheel of Fortune,” which is difficult to do, it certainly was not their lucky day.

According to CNN, Santoli claimed that Pat Sajak said, “That was great, Robert, but now we have to let someone else play, OK?” during a commercial break. Sajak also had to tell the contestant to “Let it come up, then I guess you can tell us what’s there” because he was answering the puzzles too quickly.